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    Crash and Spyro together for the very first time!

    When two worlds collide, who will survive? Put your money on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon to come out on top.


    • Single-Pak multiplayer minigames
    • Link with Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy for more minigames
    • Collect cards and trade or win them via Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable

    Crash teams up with Spyro to give their archenemies, Neo Cortex and Ripto, a one-two punch in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage. To reach the villains, Spyro must win five zany minigames in each level before he can warp to the next.

    Spyro and his friends appear as non-playable characters in Crash's game and vice versa. Both games have similar but distinct levels. For example, both games have a volcanic level. But while Crash is outside, hopping over lava rivers, Spyro travels inside the volcano.

    Trading Cards

    As Crash travels, he collects gems and trading cards. Moneybags sets up shop in each stage, and Crash can trade in gems for trading cards or play Moneybags's minigames to win more cards.

    Each game has more than 100 cards, including unique ones. For example, you'll find a few Crash cards in Spyro Orange and a few Spyro cards in Crash Purple. You can link Game Paks to swap cards. Some of the trading cards unlock additional characters for multiplayer games, grant special abilities or activate cheats.

    Party Down

    Up to four players can whoop it up in three Party Mode minigames: Ballistix, Ship Shuffle and Bridge Fight. Ballistix and Ship Shuffle are available in single- or multi-Pak modes. In Ballistix, protect your goal while trying to knock balls in opponents' goals. Ship Shuffle is like bumper cars: you try to ram your opponent.

    For the two-player Bridge Fight, each player must have a Spyro Orange or Crash Purple Game Pak. Here, you shoot projectiles at your opponent to knock 'em off a bridge.

    If you feel confident, challenge your friends to minigames in which the winner gets the other player's card. Although you can't pick the specific card you want to wager, you can choose its rarity. The rarer the card, the more likely you are to receive a bonus to help you retain the card.

    Bottom Line

    The unique combination of Spyro and Crash will appeal to fans of both popular characters, while the extensive multiplayer options will have gamers scrambling for Game Boy Advance Game Link Cables. Get ready for Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage this June!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 25, 2004.