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Jack Slate ist hier deutlich schlechter als auf der Konsole.
AceGamez (2004)
If you want a good distraction and to just shoot things constantly on your GBA, then Dead To Rights should satisfy you. As just a basic shooter it isn't actually too bad; but with some incredibly short and easy levels, the game can be completed in a couple of days and you will probably have little desire to play through it again. If you can grab it for a good discount or for some reason are a massive Dead To Rights fan then give this a go, otherwise don't bother.
In Dead to Rights you will be fighting the faulty gameplay mechanics more than the enemy. The sloppy design prohibits me from recommending it.
GameSpot (Dec 14, 2004)
Even if more care had been taken to both iron out the kinks in the controls and eliminate some of the hiccups with the targeting system, Dead to Rights for the GBA still wouldn't pass muster. Most of the things that made it a unique console game were removed or greatly watered down, leaving behind a repetitive shoot-'em-up that doesn't kindle a desire to replay it, let alone play through it once.
DS-x2 (2004)
I started out this review by stating just how difficult console to GBA conversion is and the developers appear to have completely proven my point by delivering a game that doesn't appear to work on any level, least of all as entertainment. It has bad sound, terrible graphics and, more important, no real design or thought behind the gameplay. Torus have previously produced some excellent games for both the GBA and GBC and whether it was time or money that stopped them producing a half decent game here is anyone?s guess. You can bet they had more than a box of unused parts left over. Avoid at all cost.
1UP (Dec 17, 2004)
All in all, Dead to Rights on the Game Boy Advance is just one big, frustrating mess. It looks bad, it sounds worse, and you'll be wishing you were playing almost anything else by the end of the first level. With the Nintendo DS now on the market, I really hope the Game Boy isn't relegated to a dumping ground for nothing but licensed mediocrity.