Dead to Rights Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Picking up weapon, health and body armor
This is going to hurt
Shadow can kill enemies and bring back their weapon to Slate
The square marks spots that can be interacted with
"Lockpick" minigame is used for hot-wiring the bull dozer
Jack "Slow motion dives" and shoots the fuel tank, killing all 4 attackers
The wall is broken down so Jack can proceed
Guy sounds almost indifferent to the fact that his father's dead
Level complete
Game over screen
Level 2, the night club
Jack is denied entrance
Setting off the fire alarm to distract the bouncers
Chasing the alleged murderer of Jack's father
Things are not what it seems
The hero's been framed
Captured and stripped of all weapon
Jack has to rely on his punches and kicks for the better part of the level
Finding my way in the prison