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G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 07, 2003)
With enjoyable gameplay, a host of collectibles and unlockables, and link-cable capabilities that include multiplayer support and the ability to trade in items from other "Disney Sports" titles, this is a game with a long life span. Colorful imagery, creative levels, and a good score add to the experience. The graphics could be a little smoother in places, but they're good overall. Whether you're an avid boarder or a hard-core Disney fan, "Disney Sports Snowboarding" does its title justice. It's a worthwhile adventure into the wonderland of winter sports.
NintendoWorldReport (Mar 20, 2003)
Disney Sports Snowboarding isn't a great game, but at least it's an improvement on Konami's predecessors in this series. For younger gamers, it should prove to be a fun little title to keep them occupied on their GBAs.
Daily Game (Feb 24, 2003)
Disney Sports Snowboarding takes some of your favorite characters on a high-speed trick-launching adventure. While it's not the most creative title, it certainly does a respectable job of being entertaining.
IGN (Feb 05, 2003)
Of the complete batch of Disney Sports games released for the Game Boy Advance so far, Disney Sports Snowboarding is among the middle-of-the-road fare. It's definitely better than average, because the actual snowboarding has been put together with an initially-impressive graphics engine. Unfortunately, the graphical effect wears thin over time, and all the courses just run together...there's only so much FMV a GBA cartridge can hold, and it's this element that makes the game design somewhat limiting.
Game Chronicles (Feb 19, 2003)
Even in a world where snowboarding games on the GBA are all but extinct, Disney Sports Snowboarding is merely an average offering that might keep you busy during a weekend rental, but is far too limited for me to recommend as a permanent addition to your GBA library.
Next Level Gaming (Feb 27, 2003)
This game will unfortunately sit on my shelf for a long time. It just missed the mark somewhere, somewhere that I can’t exactly pinpoint. The main thing here is that it’s a snowboarding game; it should make me feel like I’m snowboarding. This game never made me feel the wind in my face, or the rush of a cool trick. That’s the main reason I really can not recommend it to anyone.
GameSpy (Feb 14, 2003)
Disney Sports Snowboarding is a lackluster attempt to wean gamers away from the seminal GBA Tony Hawk, and even worse, an evil marketing scheme to take a famous license, build a series of nondescript games around them, and order gamers to collect all of them to unlock the less-than-impressive secret goodies. The game isn't a complete donkey, but it's painfully undernourished in the fun department. A real Mickey Mouse game, to be sure.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jun 04, 2003)
Encore un titre qui ne fera pas la renommée de Disney. Le jeu est destiné avant tout à nos chères têtes blondes mais une difficulté mal gérée pourra gêner les jeunes joueurs. Quant aux autres, l'aspect répétitif des challenges et le peu d'envergure (au niveau du gameplay et de la réalisation) du jeu les rebuteront à coup sûr.
Game Vortex (Mar 18, 2003)
With Disney Sports Snowboarding, the Disney characters have a chance to take it to the slopes. However, the originality of the Disney Sports series has faded away, and Disney Sports: Snowboarding lacks any substance to make it stand out from the pack.

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