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Dokapon: Monster Hunter Reviews (Game Boy Advance)

Dokapon: Monster Hunter Game Boy Advance Title Screen


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GameZone (Dec 12, 2001)
Dokapon is thoroughly enjoyable. It has very nice graphical elements and solid game play. This game gives the realm of GBA RPGs a new look and enjoyable feel.
75 (Aug 01, 2002)
Au final, si ce titre n'est pas le RPG ultime sur Gba il devrait néanmoins faire le bonheur des amateurs du genre. Son concept plutôt sympathique en dépit d'une trame originale lui permet de se démarquer de la concurrence tout en restant fidèle à la tradition des jeux de rôles japonais. Un jeu qui crée donc une bonne surprise sur GBA et devrait facilement trouver son public.
The Next Level (Dec 23, 2001)
In the end, Dokapon isn't nearly as bad as it might seem from my perspective. The criticisms that I've levelled against it are purely my taste, and I can totally see any gamer enjoying the features that I find fault in. AIA definitely has a lot going on in Dokapon, everything from the battle system to collecting weapons are fairly unique when compared to its competition, and definitely warrant RPGs lovers to at least rent the game. While it may not be my first choice when selecting an RPG for the Gameboy Advance, Dokapon is definitely one of the better games on the system, and shouldn't be missed.
IGN (Nov 28, 2001)
If you're looking for a classic RPG with an epic quest to save the world, Dokapon is not for you. But if you want to try out a very unique combat system that offers hours and hours of gameplay, Dokapon is worth picking up. The penalty for being beaten in combat is too severe when you consider that it's not all that difficult to die in battle. All it takes is facing a tough opponent and choosing a rock defense when they use a devastating paper attack. You gamble and lose big time. I took twice my max hit points from one such attack. Yeah, that was the third time you heard me screaming in the night. Like a lot of RPG gamers, I like traditional RPGs that have a linear story with grave consequences (complete your quest or the world dies). Dokapon does not follow the traditional format, and that will leave some gamers dissatisfied. But for others, it might be a nice change of pace.
Strip away the hackneyed monster collection feature from Dokapon and you're left with an RPG that isn't too shabby. The game's battles combine Lady Luck and strategy through a rock, paper, scissors format. Things can either roll in your favor, or get you split in two before you even take your sword out. Dying means you lose all your items, although you can squirrel them away before missions for when you are resurrected. It's both rewarding and frustrating.
(US version)
Dokapon bringt frischen Wind ins Rollenspiel-Genre. Die Dungeons sind zufallsgeneriert und sehen bei jedem Spielbeginn anders aus. Zufallskämpfe gibt es hingegen nicht, die Gegner sind sichtbar. Vor dem Kampf entscheidet das Glück, wer den ersten Schlag ausführen darf. Das kann fatale Folgen haben, da die Kämpfe nach dem „Stein, Schere, Papier“-Prinzip ablaufen, und wer hier verliert, ist sofort tot. In diesem Fall wacht man mit einem mickrigen Level 1-Schwert in der Kirche wieder auf. Alle anderen mühsam erarbeiteten Gegenstände (Waffen, Items etc.) sind weg – Arg!!! Da kann man sich schon mal schwarz ärgern. Die Story ist platt, wie eine Briefmarke: Ein elfähriger Junge sucht das große Abenteuer, nimmt in einer Gilde Aufträge an und marschiert brav von einem Dungeon zum anderen – laaaangweilig!
Kein anderes Rollenspiel ist so sehr vom Glück abhängig. Abgesehen vom plötzlichen Tod durch reines Pech wird der Spielableuf dadurch aber nicht besonders beeinträchtigt. Trotzdem wünscht man sich als Spieler etwas mehr „Mitspracherecht“. Die deutsche Übersetzung kann man noch durchgehen lassen. Liest sich zwar etwas holprig und scheint teilweise wortwörtlich aus dem Englischen übersetzt worden zu sein, aber man kriegt die Story gut mit, zumal diese eh nicht besonders schwer zu verstehen ist.
RPGFan (Apr 02, 2002)
It was bound to happen. After the recent spate of great GBA RPGs (both remakes like Breath of Fire and original games like Golden Sun and MegaMan Battle Network), it was inevitable that a bad game would come along. Dokapon: Monster Hunter is that game. I really wanted to like Dokapon—I truly did. However, the flaws in the gameplay which require the player to win more through luck than skill, and the extreme punishment for dying make this a game that’s bound to inspire aggravation. The shame of it is, there’s a good game buried somewhere in here. Not a great game, mind you, but a good one—one that could have provided several hours worth of diversionary entertainment. Unfortunately, the flaws of the title make trying to find the good game hidden under the problems an exercise in futility.