Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Japanese title screen
Title screen.
Selecting a save slot.
Starting the game: now, Dixie Kong begins her quest in search for DK and Diddy!
After a time swimming, Dixie finds Wrinkly Kong and talks with her for some instants.
Throughout the island are many hidden caves: enter it and solve a sequence to receive a Banana Bird.
With a little help of Ellie, Dixie and Kiddy have planned how to defeat Booty Bird quickly...
Using the skills with her powerful ponytail, Dixie Kong was able to smash four Sneeks in a row!
Dixie uses her ponytail again, but now in helicopter mode: ideal to avoid enemies after a long jump.
Dixie has a genial idea: use Kiddy's body to take a ride and to beat Krumple with the rolling move!
Murky Mill level: in an illuminated place, Ellie is "forced" to face her critical weakness: mice!
Facing some big trouble in Belcha's Barn (a spin-thorny mincer was putted to a lot more of danger).
Using a jumping spider as transport, the Kongs found a easy way to pass above a double of bees.
One of the game's bug: passing through the tree
Ripsaw rage level