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Though DKC is still a great game this port doesn't offer enough new things to make it a good buy if you played the original SNES classic. Rensch (218) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Decent port of the SNES classic anss (9) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.4
Overall User Score (27 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Deeko (2003)
Donkey Kong Country is simply a classic and one that translates well on the GBA. Though some of the graphics have been given a downgrade and the soundtrack itself is a bit lacking, the overall quality of the game hasn't changed a bit. The gameplay is intact and is a blast to play through. Anyone looking for some good old platforming games need look no further... Donkey Kong Country has got you covered.
Years later, this faithful reproduction demonstrates that this DKC’s gorgeous pre-rendered graphics have not dimmed with age. Thankfully, neither has the demanding platforming gameplay. However, if you’re prone to frustration, you’ll be happy that one of the new enhancements to this port is the ability to save mid-level. Also, there is a challenge mode that lets you try to post the fastest time through a level, a feature inspired by the Crash Bandicoot series.
PGNx Media (May 11, 2003)
Overall, this is one of the finest SNES games of all-time. Not the best. Not by a long shot. But it definitely stands near the top of the second tier of the SNES greats.
GameZone (Jun 11, 2003)
Donkey Kong Country is just as engrossing as ever. I remember what a great time I had reliving the magic with the Game Boy Color version, and wondered if another version of the game would hinder DKC's classic status. I should have known better than to question the game's quality. Was Mario any less fun on the GBA, despite having already played through the game a hundred times? Not at all.
N-Zone (Jul 09, 2003)
Ein Old-School-Game, wie es im Buche steht. Mir hat es früher schon gut gefallen und ich finde es auch heute noch total cool. Zu zweit macht es natürlich doppelt Spaß, sich gegenseitig mit fiesen Power-ups eins auszuwischen. Absolut super wäre es, wenn man das hinterlistige Gerangel auch zu viert starten könnte, aber man kann eben nicht alles haben.
85 (Jun 10, 2003)
Comme les titres les plus marquants de la Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong Country mérite incontestablement sa place sur GBA. L'excellent soft de Rare se révèle bel et bien indémodable et incontournable pour les nostalgiques et pour tous ceux qui seraient passés à côté de la version d'origine.
Fast neun Jahre ist es her, dass die beiden Nintendo-Affen Diddy und Donkey Kong gegen den Bananendieb King K Rool zu Felde zogen. Auf dem GBA ist das Spiel aber grafisch deutlich schwächer.
80 (UK) (Jun 03, 2003)
But, as we said, it's not all good. Some people (particularly old hands) will zip through this in no time at all, and fun though it might be for a little while, it really won't be worth £30 to them. Heck, we'd struggle to justify £30 for most GBA games, but like the Super Mario Advance series, this one really is only worth it if you've never played the game. Heck, if you shop around for the excellent GBC port of the very same game - which works on the same console - then you've pretty much beaten the system anyway. What we really need at the moment is less of these cynical SNES ports, or at least a change in pricing, because once again we're sitting here having enjoyed a fantastic few hours of portable gaming that we could kiss Nintendo for publishing, and being forced to warn most of you off buying it. Dang.
JeuxActu (Jul 26, 2003)
Certes, ils n'ont pas cherché à innover. Tout, ou presque était déjà là il y a 9 ans. Mais franchement, cela ne servirait à rien de bouder notre plaisir. Si on recherchait absolument l'innovation, on ne jouerait plus à grand chose. La difficulté progressive du jeu vous tiendra en haleine sans jamais vous rebuter, surtout avec la possibilité de sauvegarder en cours de partie. Les musiques variées et de bonne facture vous mettront dans l'ambiance (Yeah, Funky Fishing…). Si ce jeu est sur l’étagère de votre magasin préféré, n’hésitez pas, achetez le.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 21, 2003)
Overall, DKC is capable of standing the test of time, at least 10 years after its original showing. The games action and excitement is still retained on the pocket-sized version of the game, even if it is a bit difficult to see, though I'm sure if you can afford a fancy-shmancy GBA SP you're problems are solved. I refuse to change though and by the system, just as Nintendo refuses to make good original games anymore.
Gamezine (Jun 15, 2003)
En résumé, les possesseurs de la version Gbc peuvent la jeter, cette nouvelle propose suffisamment de nouveautés pour remplacer l’ancienne, si bien sûr vous adorez Donkey Kong, que vous préférez les bô graphismes de la Gba, que vous voulez absolument goûter aux joies des nouveaux mini-jeux (excellents), et que vous voulez sauvegarder à la fin de chaque niveau.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 05, 2003)
Overall, Donkey Kong Country is a pleasant surprise. While I was expecting the worst from the initial screens and media (even up to the release), I was surprised and pleased when I actually played the game. I'm still unsure about the day-glo palette used for most of the levels (make the levels darker for DKC2, Rare!), but the classic DKC gameplay and additional modes more than make up for this problem. It's great to meet up with K.Rool, Winky, Diddy, and of course, Cranky again -- and sadly, it makes me want a Donkey Kong Country 4 even more, which I know is highly unlikely. First-time platform gamers will enjoy this, but veterans expecting a perfect port may feel a little cheated at first.
IGN (Jun 06, 2003)
The game design of Donkey Kong Country on the Game Boy Advance doesn't stray at all from the game Rare established on the Super NES almost a decade ago back in 1994. Players take control of either Donkey Kong or his chimp buddy Diddy Kong, as they set off on a quest after King K.Rool stole the ape's banana hoard. To get all those bananas back, players will have to hop and bop kremling thugs and other threats through more than 30 levels of jungle areas.
GameSpot (Jun 11, 2003)
As time goes by, more and more of the classics of yesteryear will be remade and renovated for a new generation of players. Donkey Kong Country may not impress you with its play mechanics, but it's easy to understand just from looking at and listening to the game why it was able to stave off the competition and give the Super NES another year of retail viability. There's a lot to like here, provided you haven't already played the game to death.
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 27, 2003)
Donkey Kong Country is a throwback to platformers when they completely dominated gaming. There’s no doubting that DKC is a great platformer, but it’s completely unforgiving for new players. And of course, if you played the original, there’s not much new to keep you interested other than the nostalgia hit.
Meristation (Jul 13, 2003)
En 1994, Rare nos traía uno de los mejores plataformas de la era 16 bits: Donkey Kong Country. Casi después de diez años, la familia Kong vuelve a nuestras GBA con un clásico bajo el brazo.
In the end, Donkey Kong Country's sound and graphics fare as "decent" overall, and with the splendor of the original essentially gone, what players are left with is a simple platformer. Fans of the original may enjoy this game for whatever nostalgia hasn't been sucked out in the transition to the GBA, and the game is still a decent platformer, but there are numerous alternatives on the platform that are much more deserving of your hard-earned money.
Retro Gamer (Jan, 2006)
Forget the duff sound and severely cutdown visuals, just revel in all the primate fun that’s to be had. Moments like the mine cart chase are still as exhilarating as ever and additions like the two minigames and new DK Attack are greatly appreciated. Many prefer the admittedly superior sequel, but DKC’s cheap price tag, makes it a great introduction to the classic series.
Gamekult (Jun 16, 2003)
Contrairement à ce qu'on était en droit d'espérer, Donkey Kong Country GBA n'est pas la copie conforme de la version Super Nintendo du jeu qui avait su charmer des milliers de joueurs il y a presque 10 ans de cela. Si le titre reste toujours très agréable à jouer avec un gameplay aux petits oignons et une maniabilité à toute épreuve, tout le monde ne pourra passer outre sa réalisation graphique un ton en dessous de la mouture 16 bits. De plus, les soi-disant nouveautés de cette version auront bien du mal à faire diversion plus d'une dizaine de minutes. Au final, seuls les joueurs n'ayant pas déjà pratiqué le jeu original pourront se laisser tenter par ce titre, au demeurant plus que correct, mais la concurrence est telle sur GBA que les initiés se contenteront certainement de passer leur chemin.
GamePro (US) (Jun 09, 2003)
Released in 1994, Donkey Kong Country is a historically significant game, and this GBA port is a window back to that glorious age, when Nintendo was undisputed king, Rare was its prince, and all you needed to build hype was to mention Silicon Graphics on the box.
GameSpy (Jun 08, 2003)
In the SNES days, few developers could afford to give the attention to their platformers that Rare could, but these days it's par for the course. DKC doesn't have the true enduring spirit of creativity that its brothers-in-arms, the Mario games, do. But it's got that certain something that draws people back to it, a personality which is lacking even from the Crash Bandicoot forays onto the GBA, despite their own solidity. DKC is a simple, fun game. But if this is your first time to play it, you may not understand what wowed everyone and sold so many millions of cartridges back in the day. Like an aging starlet, DKC is now relegated to a supporting role -- it's no longer a box office draw.
Jag begick två grova tjänstefel den här gången. Jag tillät mig recensera ett spel utan att ha spelat det mer än några timmar, och jag misslyckades med att se igenom en extremt snygg yta. Redan några veckor senare började jag få ångest, och när Donkey Kong Country nu släpps till Game Boy Advance känns det riktigt pinsamt. För även om det fortfarande är ett välgjort, stundtals riktigt underhållande plattformsäventyr, har det ingenting att sätta emot bandesignen och kontrollen i Marios spel eller attityden och tempot i Sonics. I grund och botten är Donkey Kong Country faktiskt ingenting annat än en sämre kopia av Super Mario Bros.
Även om det fortfarande är ett välgjort, stundtals riktigt underhållande plattformsäventyr, har det ingenting att sätta emot bandesignen och kontrollen i Marios spel eller attityden och tempot i Sonics. I grund och botten är Donkey Kong Country ingenting annat än en sämre kopia på Super Mario Bros.