Dual Blades Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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Dual Blades Credits

Dual Blades (c) 2002 Vivid Image

ProgrammingGalip Kartoğlu
Game DesignGalip Kartoğlu
GraphicsAbdulkerim Keskin, Erkan Ertürk, Irfan Kaya
SfxOnur Şamlı, Oral Şamlı
MusicOnur Şamlı, Oral Şamlı
Music ToolsWill Cowling
ProducerMevlut Dinc

Published by Metro3D

ProducerBaldwin Yen
VP, Sales and MarketingJoseph Morici
Executive Director, MarketingCorey Tresidder
Director, Worldwide Creative ServicesShaun Tsai
Marketing SupportSaeed Goraya
VP, OperationsEva Chiu
Operations SupportKim Chang, Laura Lee
VP, FinanceJoey Hu
Business AffairsStephen Lin, Winnie Lo, Eric Chiu, Jeff Hoffman, Giancarlo Cappozzoli

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