Ecks vs. Sever Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Ecks vs. Sever Credits

Franchise Pictures

Executive ProducerElie Samaha
ProducerLeeza-Maria Elkhazen
Worldwide MarketingLori Drazen
President of Development and AcquisitionsTracee Stanley

Crawfish Interactive

Head of DevelopmentMichael Merren
ProducerTim Mawson
ProgrammerGreg Modern
Additional ProgrammersGianluca Cancelmi
Game DesignersMark Frazer, Jake May, Rob Stevens, Simon Handby, William Greenough, David Murphy, Tim Mawson
ArtistsJeff Ferguson, Jon Trafford, Mark Frazer, John Taylor
Sound CompositionRockett Music
QAWilliam Greenough, David Murphy, Jonathan Shearn
Script WriterTom Flannery

BAM Entertainment

ProducerJoe Booth
Creative ProducerTony Mott
Production AssistantAndrew G. Williams, David Blundell
Executive ProducerAaron Endo
Director of Eurpoean MarketingLisa Cheney Bolcato
Director of North American MarketingScott Smith
US PR ManagerMika Kelly
Product ManagerDavid Blundell
Director of North American PRSusan Kramer
European PR ManagerCat Channon
Special ThanksCameron Sheppard, Hand Painted Dog, Super Mario Club, Lynne Bradstock

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Credits for this game were contributed by Mark Kelty (88)