Ecks vs. Sever Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Start-up screen
Title screen
Choose your character
Objectives are explained before each level
Defeat enemy agents
Crawling through the air-ducts
Mopping up with an assault rifle
New weapons in each mission
Everyone loves explosives
You need hi-tech weapons to defeat the SWAT team
Game over
Fighting in a computer room. The chairs actually swivel when they are hit.
The mission objective
Between missions are expositions in the form of transcript of a court hearing.
Eck has to reach the exit within 3 minutes before the bomb explode.
That was a close one
"Shoot Sever dead" seems a little redundant, don't you think?
In this mission Eck have access to a sniper rifle
Looking at Sever through the rifle scope. She can kill Eck with a few grenade throws
Sever runs off, but not after kindly leaving behind the card Eck needs
Pursuing Sever
SWAT starts to appear from this mission. They are a lot tougher than the policemen or agents.
The ones with shields are even more annoying.
Be careful, just when you grab that G11, you will be swarmed by a dozen SWAT dudes
Crawling through a ventilation shaft to avoid a firefight
Facing Sever in a warehouse? Restaurant? I can't really tell
The best solution is to get up close and personal
She runs off, Eck catches up with her again
Sever escape in a rather dramatic fashion
Nothing's wrong with the gamma setting. The level is just that dark.
Tasty health and armor that are just out of reach
Playing as Sever. Each mission uses the same map but the route and objective are different
A sidenote: Eck's mission passwords start with E, and Sever's start with S
(Sever's game) The time-bomb mission again. This time, Sever is the one who planted the bomb
(Sever's game) The exit is where Eck starts the mission from
(Sever's game) Remember when Eck snipes at a grenade-throwing Sever? Now you are the one who throw grenades.
(Sever's game) After one grenade, Eck decides he's had enough and runs off
boxes barricade
3 vs me. easy job
suprise! AND DIE NOW!
Secret arena with ammo
standard first aid kit