Advertising Blurbs
    This slacker version of The Lost Vikings stars three suburban friends on a sweet-toothed quest.

    A local candy store is running a raffle whose top prize is Special Jawbreakers. Unfortunately, after the three E's get to the store, they learn that all the tickets have already been handed out.

    Their only chance to win is to gather as many raffle tickets as possible from the neighborhood kids. You will help Ed, Edd and Eddy by strategically using each character to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles in the six levels.

    The characters are as wacky as the story would imply. For example, Ed is a big galoot who, for reasons best known to his mother, is greatly amused by chickens. When he sees one, Ed immediately forgets what he is supposed to be doing and starts chasing the chicken around mindlessly.

    Find and use the special tools that are character-specific to help gather the raffle tickets.

    Progress is saved to a memory chip.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 27, 2004.