Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers! Credits

A.K.A. Cartoon inc.

Ed Edd n Eddy created byDanny Antonucci
Production Manager for A.K.A. Cartoon inc.Dan Sioui

Cartoon Network

Sr. Manager, InteractiveChelsea Reeves
Manager, InterativeLara Kiang
DesignerJay Rogers
Project Manager, CreativeEric Nelson
Special ThanksJames Porges (Vice President), Kevin MacKenzie (Character Artist)

Warner Bros. Int. Entertainment

ProducerHeidi Behrendt
Director of ProductionBrett Skogen
MarketingJim Molinaro
Special ThanksPhilippe Erwin (Vice President), Scott Johnson, Adam Schwenk, Jason Ades


Lead ProgrammerGianluca Cancelmi
Lead ArtistErik Casey
ProducerMitchell Slater
Assistant ProgrammerAndrew Coates
AnimatorTerry Ford
Graphic ArtistJohn Taylor
Music & Sound EffectsRockett Music
Level DesignJames Brown, Tim Coode, Clifford Ramsey
Director of DevelopmentMichael Merren
Technical DirectorColin Kendrick
Technical ManagerDarren Jackson
QA ManagerSteven Frazer
QAWilliam Greenough, David Murphy, Jonathan Shearn
Special ThanksCameron Sheppard, Lynne Bradstock
Extra Special ThanksMarina Cerra, Cheryl Slater, Famiglia Cancelmi, Armando Taglieri, Antonio Angelone, Roberto Raggi, Sauli Slr, Teresa Casey, Jess Casey, Ben Casey, Bethyn Casey, Helen Coates, Clive Townsend, Ruben Nagamoto, Dhiran, Raymond Sehawufu, Daniel Bouskill, Adam Bouskill, Nick McGee, Tim Mawson, Laura May Reeve, Emily May, Melissa Reeve, Susan Reeve, Tony Ramsey, Matthew Reilly, Harry Styles, Johnny Fast, Nicky Erice, Jasmine Isabel Erice-Harling, Amie Beatriz Erice, Steve Fowler

Crave Entertainment U.S.A

Senior ProducerRob Sandberg
ProducerJames Altenburg
Senior Vice President, Product DevelopmentMark Burke
President, Crave EntertainmentRonald Scott
Lead TestersJudy Baughman, Jamie Saxon
Test TeamBrian Cutts, Ramon Ramirez, Ramiro Ramirez, Wesley Bunn, Anthony Lee, Mike Kurilko, Nam H. Kim, Paul Taniguchi, Tuan Trinh, Joseph Olivas
Compliance ManagerJohn Bloodworth
Manager of Quality AssuranceRobert Bryant
Marketing DirectorCraig Owens
Director of Marketing ServicesSheri Furumi Snow
Public Relations ManagerMichael Shelling
Project ManagerYumi Saiki
Production ManagerJimmy Dohner
DesignerEthan Malykont
VP, Corporate CounselBarry Seaton
Hardware CoordinatorThomas Quast
Special ThanksNima Taghavi, Michael Steuerwald, Peter Bartholow, Richard Robledo, Mike Givens, Kaoru Koda, Aaron Hartman, And all of our understanding families...

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65847)