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Elf Bowling 1&2 Game Boy Advance Title screen


ESRB Rating

Elf Bowling 1&2 Credits

34 people (30 developers, 4 thanks)

Ignition Entertainment Ltd. (USA)

PresidentEllen Fuog
Director of Product DevelopmentJeff Hill
Accounting & FinanceHaruo Hori

Special Thanks

Special Thanks ToMichael Barron (Barron Layout & Design), Michael Korajda, Daniel O'Malley ("Butch"), Black Sheep Inc.

Ignition Entertainment Ltd. (UK)

Managing DirectorVijay Chadha
Cover Illustration & PackagingKelly-ann Styles
Product ManagerPeter Rollinson
QA ManagerManoj Kumar
Ops, Localization & Development ManagerJim Philpot
Marketing DirectorGreg Baverstock
International SalesPhu Tien
UK SalesSimon Insull
Information TechnologyDanny Bailey
LogisticsJoy Sreeraman
FinanceRichard Cooke, Ismail Essack

Ignition Entertainment Ltd. (Japan)

Ignition Entertainment Ltd. (Japan)Kaz Takeshita

N Storm

Executive ProducerMatthew Lichtenwalter
Creative DirectorKenda Lichtenwalter

Black Lantern Studios, Inc.

PresidentRichard Woods
Business Development DirectorDerek McDaniel
Finance ManagerTeresa O'Connor
Operations DirectorDevin Clasby
Art DirectorChris Moore
ProducerDoug Hill
Lead DeveloperBen Utne
Lead ArtistChris Moore
QAWes Bowen
ProgrammingKyle Rayburn, Devin Clasby
Additional ProgrammingAndrew P. Bilyk
ArtistGary Bedell, Andy Goodwin

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Credits for this game were contributed by lasscassidy (47)