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Title screen
Level 1 - I will play E.T. (what a surprise ...)
This shockingly reminds me of the Atari E.T. game...
The game is spiced up with little movie stills.
Level 1 - gameplay
I have to collect theses plants (they all look the same).
Oh my God! A frog! Run for your lives!
E.T. doing his "finger thing".
The plot thickens.
Chased by the police...
and ... COWS ?!?!
They even throw a net to catch you.
Good old M&Ms (but without the product-placement).
I thought this was a game for children.
Hey, now I can play Elliott.
A rather funny still
Avoiding RCs in the House.
Playing as Eliott.
Oh, sounds like something new to do.
Hey, a new gameplay element
Trying to assemble this machine... time is running out.
What? No E.T.?
Aha, the first piece
Cycling through the streets.
Avoiding the Police and... astronauts.
Ah, the most famous picture
Oh, sounds like fun!
Flying ...
Back home again
Elliott being harassed by some government people.
The second "airborne" level
Yes! I will bring death and destruction to the earthlings!! Well, maybe...
The spaceship
Oh no! Why God, why?!
Is this a rhetorical question...?