F-14 Tomcat Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

...so that it comes back to the center of the screen BY MAGIC (videogame intro magic, that is). Also, unlike Turn and Burn, the title screen shows both the game's logo and the titular airplane (which
Copyright notices
The game's intro, EXACTLY the same as Turn and Burn's. Only that this one has a rockin' awesome soundtrack (made by the guys at Shin'en, no less), unlike Turn and Burn's more serious music
Oh, look! It's leaving...
The game's storyline
The game's menu
The options menu. Why is it that the music volume in EVERY SINGLE GAME is lower than the sound effects volume?
More instructions
Still more instructions
And even more instructions! But, then again, what do you expect from a flight sim?
Mission objectives
Taking off from the carrier
Took off! Unlike Turn and Burn, in this game you automatically take off, instead of having to raise the speed manually
Firing the pretty crappy machinegun at an enemy
Ah, crap, missed him!
I crashed. On purpose :)
Mission failed. Game over. Yippie
A close encounter.
Being chased by two or three UFOs. FML.