F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Options screen. Modify the control, number of spare machines and activate the music or not.
Selecting one empty slot, you will be able to register your name.
The machine select screen has a great variety of options. Choose the pilot who best identifies you.
This pole position is very short... The machines are very aggressive and will block your way in the future.
There are some jumping platforms in some tracks. Use it wisely or see this enormous city!
Do not pass in rough areas! Your speed will decrease and the challengers will steal your position.
Since the SNES version, the dash zones shows the difference between winning or losing. Do not lose them!
If you turn back, your position will decrease in a question of seconds! You could be damaged too.
If you lose a great amount of POWER, your maximum velocity reduces. Prevent this!
In the pit run, your machine will receive a breath of life.
I am defeated in the circuit. Only the smoke reigns...
If you collide in this guard rail, the machine power decreases
Congratulations! Race completed in the main position!
The return of this special coatings (ice?) makes this track very hard...
Japanese title screen
East ten side