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Fila Decathlon Game Boy Advance Title screen



Fila Decathlon Credits

27 people (13 developers, 14 thanks)


Developed byAthletic Design
Game DesignAnders Hansson
ProgrammingJimmy Mårdell
GraphicsAnders Hansson
Sound FxOla Hansson
Executive ProducerOle Mogensen
Additional HelpJon Schutts, Thomas Buchhorn
Front-End DesignSøren Raadved Lund, Hokus Pokus
MusicManfred Linzner
GAX SoundsystemBernhard Wodok
Speech recorded atC&G Entertainment, Hamburg
Thanks toGunnar Blome, Martin Carlström, Ingmar Georgsson, Ralf Gronwald, Achim Kürten (Sheep), Rebecca Lester, Svante Lingärde, Mattias Lundqvist, Peter Martinsson, Darren Melbourne, Michael Nürnberg, Håkan Olsson, Matthew Shepcar, Marcus Westerlund

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