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User Reviews

Compared to the original it's greatly different, but also differently great. Joshua J. Slone (4664) 4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars
An amazing game just like every other FF game. Jester236 (39) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
Big, long lasting, compulsive and enjoyable. Garland (14) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars
An Obsessives Paradise kemmysunshine (12) 4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars
not as good as the first matt moore (26) 2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (62 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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1UP (Jun 08, 2004)
For a game so rich in tactical challenges and opportunities, it's no understatement to say that a title of this caliber doesn't come around often enough. If you're looking for a great RPG strong on replay value (the item trading and link-up systems are particularly handy) with great visuals and art style to match (Akihiko Yoshida's character designs have never been better), there's no need to look further than Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Once you put it in your GBA, we guarantee it'll be quite some time before you take it out.
Snackbar-Games.com (Feb 05, 2006)
At the end of the day, this game lives and dies by its story and tactical engine, which are both solid if less-than-extraordinary. The other frustrations detract from these srtong suits somewhat, but I consider the 62 hours I've poured into this game as of this writing well worth the $35 I paid for it and was able to either tolerate or ignore the bits of it I didn't care for. If you can do the same, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this game.
UOL Jogos (Sep 24, 2003)
"Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" Ă© um dos melhores jogos de estratĂ©gia do gĂȘnero, e apesar de dever muito a "Tactics Ogre" (cuja equipe deve ter ajudado bastante, visto que a Square comprou a empresa), Ă© um excelente tĂ­tulo por mĂ©rito prĂłprio e merece a atenção de todos os donos de Game Boy que gostam do gĂȘnero.
Entertainmentopia (Dec 03, 2003)
On the battlefield the game excels with deep, engaging gameplay, but FFTA’s biggest shortcomings are in some of the game’s most integral places. Still, even with this cumbersome drawback Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an excellent game with obviously high production values and scope. The massive amount of missions and game-link capability mean you will be playing this one for a very long time. If my pleasure is any indication, even non-Final Fantasy fans will jump right in and find something to enjoy, and that is the very definition of an excellent game.
Game Shark (Nov 25, 2003)
When players aren't arranging the map to find hidden treasure, micro-managing their troops, taking on missions and unfurling the storyline, they can battle clans for turf. Clans seek out treasure missions and territory just like the player. As players grow their clans and gain levels, the game opens up new missions to take on and higher-level characters willing to join. Beyond that, the clan battles offer random encounters that are really important for building up skills and levelling classes. FFTA would be a lot less exciting without them.
Lawrence (Sep 29, 2003)
Everything screams high production value and Nintendo fans tentative about the Final Fantasy return should not fear. Rush to your local store and start playing immediately.
While the wait was five and a half years between original and sequel, Square made the wait almost worth it. With 300 missions and a promised 200-300 hours of gameplay, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is absolutely the longest, most intricate game ever to appear on GameBoy Advance. It also happens to be pretty much the best GBA game ever.
Nintendo Spin (Aug 31, 2004)
So if you are looking for a good RPG on your Game Boy Advance (even though there are already a lot), this is a good choice. It’s a lengthy game and it is very well done so you should have a very good time. It has multiplayer support and if you decide to do all the quests, you’ll easily be playing for over 100 hours, probably 140 hours. There’s a lot to do, there’s great challenge for everybody, the graphics are great, the music is incredible
 there really isn’t any reason not to get this game if you are an RPG/strategy fan. If you are only in for the main quest, it takes nearly 40 hours to complete, so whether you like completing everything or just doing the necessary stuff, it is still a lengthy game. My pick for best GBA RPG.
GamesCollection (Nov 11, 2009)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Ăš decisamente un gioco eccellente sotto ogni aspetto. Se la trama non vi interessa, avrete comunque pane per i vostri denti, con centinaia di missioni da completare, centinaia di tecniche da imparare e decine di lavori da sbloccare. Si tratta di un gioco lungo, complesso da imparare e da padroneggiare, e a tratti pure frustrante: ma una volta domato, si rivelerĂ  uno dei migliori compagni di viaggio per il vostro Game Boy Advance. Ora scusatemi, devo tornare a Ivalice...
Deeko (2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fails to live up to its Playstation counter-part, though only by a smidgen. With a compelling storyline, incredibly deep customizing system, superb graphics and grand musical score, FFTA is a game worth picking up... if you are a fan of strategy RPGs. Those who see it as simply another "Final Fantasy" title may end up sorely disappointed, but those of you who enjoyed Tactics Ogre and Shining Force will feel right at home with this incredible experience. Though a bit more light-hearted than it's predecessor, FFTA is a game you will simply embrace.
I can’t begin to tell you how long I have been waiting for this title to come. Before I played massively multiplayer online games, there was only one other title that my play time was best registered in days, not hours. That game, of course, was the original Final Fantasy Tactics on PSone. Sadly, for this review I was unable to put in the 150 hours that this game deserves, but I can tell you this title is just as deep and engrossing as the original, if not more so.
Gamezine (May 04, 2003)
Hop, je me permet d'éditer ce test pour vous signaler que la traduction Française du jeu est une des meilleures que j'ai pu voir sur un Final Fantasy (c'est pas trop dur quand on voit FFVII). Encore une fois, foncez, vous ne le regretterez pas (j'en profite pour noter la durée de vie, puisque j'ai enfin réussi à finir le jeu ;).
Mygamer.com (Aug 16, 2004)
FFTA is a wonderfully deep and detailed game. Don't be surprised if you can't put it down or if three hours seems like ten minutes. There is enough replay value between learning new abilities and through the linking mode to keep the player engaged for weeks. FFTA is a suitable sequel to the PSOne game and it is one of the best RPG's for the system. People who play this game might as well pull out a ring and get down on one knee because you will love this game more than anything before it.
GameSpy (Sep 08, 2003)

Reading the book that got Bubba cooked. The brilliance of this game outshines any minor problems it may have. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance hits on all fronts, just like its predecessor. The gameplay, graphics, sound, and replayability combine to offer an exquisite mélange that fans of strategy and role-playing games must experience. It's one of those amazing games that will make you lose hours of your life as you keep saying, "Just one more battle." I'd go as far as saying FFTA is the best game I've played all year. Now go
and enjoy!
Gaming Target (Nov 19, 2003)
Hands down, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is one of the best Strategy-RPG's around, rivaling even the Advance Wars line of games. Definitely worth the full price of admission. However, if you're not a big fan of Strategy-RPG's, this isn't for you, as the gameplay will seem be tedious and somewhat boring. But for you RPG enthusiasts, you'll be glad the Game Boy Advance is portable.
GameZone (Oct 01, 2003)
Overall, FFTA is nothing short of great. There are hours of action packed strategic gameplay here to keep you occupied for a long time, a fun and entertaining story, characters that grow on you in a way that only FF can deliver, and a whole bunch of growth and level up opportunities and new things to find which could keep you playing over and over again. For my money, it’s a done deal. FFTA is a winner on all fronts, and definitely just expands on the original title to deliver even more enjoyment in a portable fashion.
NZGamer (Apr 04, 2004)
Even if you finish all the quests there is still multiplayer to be considered, you can boot up a multiplayer game with another GBA owner and trade items with them or just battle it out.
The Next Level (USA) (Oct 27, 2003)
All in all, is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance worth your time? If you’re a strategy RPG fan, the answer is most definitely yes. It’s a solid title with great graphics, addictive gameplay, and a good storyline bundled nicely into a portable cartridge. The developers even threw in a very nifty bonus that allows you and a friend to link up via the GBA link cable and battle to find out whose clan is the best in Ivalice. The pseudo-sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics ended up being much more than just a sequel, as it stands surprisingly well on its own.
Total Cube (Nov, 2003)
S'il fallait le comparer à Advance Wars 2, nous dirions que FFTA propose un rythme plus lent et une plus grosse emphase sur l'évolution des personnages. L'un dans l'autre, les deux titres sont excellents et au final, les fans de stratégie seront les vrais gagnants.
Joypad (Oct, 2003)
Inutile donc d'insister, vous l'aurez compris, profond et diablement envoûtant, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance pourfend le pauvre Advance Wars 2, au demeurant excellent. Sur GBA, l'heure est au tactical-RPG !
RPG Kingdom (Dec 12, 2003)
Comment ne pas craquer devant ce jeu ? Car malgré quelques petites imperfection (rien n'est parfait...), il dispose de graphismes extraordinaire, d'un systÚme de gestion trÚs complet, de personnages attachants, et de superbes musiques. Les Tactical-RPG ne sont pas légion, et encore moins en français, alors si vous avez le courage d'affronter les 300 missions du jeu, je ne peut que vous conseiller de vous procurer Final Fantasy Tactics Advance...
That's the funny thing about this game: there are so many parts of it that can easily become irritating and cumbersome, yet when I bought it I found a few days later that I'd played it more than 30 hours without a second's thought. It's a long game, somewhere around 30 to 35 hours depending how much you let the clans distract you, and even more if you want to beat all the (sometimes optional) missions. But somehow, the robust class system and the genuinely intriguing story (along with all its discussion of wants, desires, and reality) propel the player along until all that time is gone with only Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to blame. The long and short of it is that if your system of choice is the Game Boy Advance and you like strategy titles, you'll have to look long and hard to find a better game.
GamesAreFun.com (GAF) (Oct 29, 2003)
At the end of the day, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is just fun. You’ll find yourself going through the missions not to advance the story but to get some new items or abilities or to just make your clan the baddest mothers in all of Ivalice. The story and music are definitely a step down and the law system can sometimes get frustrating, but with fantastic gameplay and graphics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is one of the best games on the GBA. Some will complain that the game is too easy but I’ve always thought that the original was too hard, so taking the proverbial heat down a notch was good move in my opinion. Even if like me you weren’t that big of a fan of the original, you should definitely give Final Fantasy Tactics Advance a chance; you might just be pleasantly surprised.
A great translation of the addictive gameplay from its predecessor without the huge expansive story. As a result this game is very well tailored to the Gameboy Advance and is the perfect time waster. However those not familiar with the genre should try before they buy.
Cubed3 (Jan 25, 2005)
If there is one game to get on the Game Boy Advance, then it has to be this. Squaresoft memories will come rushing over you as soon as you flick the power switch on your handheld.
Video Game Talk (Jan 05, 2004)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an excellent game, and easily one of the best for the Game Boy Advance. With seemingly endless gameplay and much more depth than its predecessor, this is one you'll be playing for a long time to come. Highly recommended.
The only way you could possibly be disappointed with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is if you were expecting a classic Final Fantasy story and didn't realise that the game is actually more of a strategy game than the usual Final Fantasy, plot heavy, RPG. As a turn-based strategy game it's excellent, although not without it's flaws. You're at least looking at 50 hours play and there are many battles to get through. If you don't like turn-based strategy games (and you didn't like games such as Advance Wars) then this may not be the game for you but if you do enjoy your turn-based strategy games this is one of the best games you can buy on the GBA. It takes time to get going but once it does, it'll keep you playing for a very long time.
N-Zone (Nov 06, 2003)
Mich als Rollenspiel- bzw. Strategiespielmuffel hat der Titel von der ersten Minute an gefesselt. Die wunderschön gezeichneten Figuren und HintergrĂŒnde haben mich doch sehr stark an vergangene 16-Bit-Tage erinnert. Noch mehr als die tolle Optik hat mich die traumhafte Musikuntermalung fasziniert. Ich war wirklich ĂŒberrascht, denn derartige OhrwĂŒrmer hab ich auf dem GBA selten gehört. Aber auch die unglaubliche Spieltiefe konnte mich viele, viele Stunden an den GBA fesseln. Nach anfĂ€nglichen Niederlagen lernt man sehr schnell aus seinen Fehlern und kann bald richtig souverĂ€ne Erfolge verbuchen. Auch die Link-Möglichkeit bietet genĂŒgend Abwechslung, um sich stundenlang zu beschĂ€ftigen. Einzig und allein das Gesetzsystem ist mir manchmal etwas auf die Nerven gegangen. Auch wenn die BeschrĂ€nkungen im Kampf meistens nur schmĂŒckendes Beiwerk sind, Ă€rgert man sich dann doch, wenn man keine physischen Angriffe, wie beispielsweise Schwerthiebe, ausfĂŒhren darf.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Oct 22, 2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a remarkably non-linear game, and while there is a plot running in the background, it's told entirely in the form of in-game missions. The basic game mechanic is simple - you go to the Bar in any town to pick up rumours and purchase information on missions, and then walk around your DIY world map carrying out the missions you've been given.
GamePro (US) (Sep 02, 2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance tells the tale of a young boy from Earth who's whisked away to a fantasy world modeled after his favorite video game (Final Fantasy, of course). There, he joins a band of warriors to take on mercenary missions while trying to figure out what exactly happened to reality and all his friends. Some missions are purely for profit and items; others get you key objects that you need to take on other missions; and others still lead to story events that move along the game's startlingly compelling plot.
IGN (Sep 05, 2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a heck a way for Square to return to the Nintendo scene. The gameplay, while familiar territory thanks to games like Tactics Ogre, offers a lot more elements that increase the strategy and fun to the existing game design. The storyline of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in particular makes the game a lot more appealing since it's extremely easy to relate to the main characters. The only thing hurting the title is unnecessary "clutter," both in the battle screens and in the menu options; a little clean-up in the interface could have definitely benefited the development. But the good far outweighs the annoyances, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a highly recommended adventure for the GBA.
DarkZero (Feb 26, 2004)
This is a great game for a long plane or car journey (as long as you aren’t driving), apart from the weird things in it (like a hideous wolf about to kill me called Colin) it will keep you quiet for hours and hours. If you own a Game Boy Advance and like Final Fantasy get this and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Just RPG (2003)
As a huge Tactics fan, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was not quite as good as I had hoped. Still, I not only had a great deal of fun with it, but I still am, and likely will be for quite some time.
Nintendojo (2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance had the potential to become something truly special. It looks and sounds fantastic, its core gameplay is remarkably addictive, and there is plenty of game to last for quite some time. Unfortunately, major design issues severely damage much of the fun the game has to offer. Even with these major flaws, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an experience that deserves to be played.
Netjak (Sep 30, 2003)
If nothing short of a full FFT sequel will satisfy you, you're going to probably want to stay away from FFTA. If you'll just be happy with another deep Square game that'll provide you with $30 of value, FFTA is going to be a hell of a deal for you. A fairly enjoyable ride, and plenty of replay to boot.
RPGFan (Oct 01, 2003)
While it's not without a few flaws, there's still no denying that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a great game and a worthy successor to the PSX original. Strategy RPGs may remain a niche genre, but thanks to crossover titles like this one gamers can rest assured they'll be seeing more of these style of games in the future. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
Daily Game (2003)
All in all, I would have to say this is a must-have title for any GBA owner, especially if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix has really done a fantastic job with this title. I can see myself putting even more hours into this game, on top of the countless hours I’ve already sunk into it.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 24, 2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance est un grand jeu, qui plus est en français. Une Ă©norme durĂ©e de vie renforcĂ©e par un systĂšme de jeu trĂšs riche font du soft de Square Enix le RPG tactique Ă  possĂ©der sans se poser de questions. Si le cĂŽtĂ© dĂ©viant de FFT laisse ici sa place Ă  un scĂ©nario plus bon enfant oĂč les combats ne sont que de "simples" jeux, une fois plongĂ© dans l'aventure il est difficile de s'arrĂȘter. Une oeuvre mirifique de plus Ă  mettre au palmarĂšs de Square qui si elle est loin d'ĂȘtre parfaite n'en reste pas moins des plus prenantes !
IC-Games (Oct 14, 2003)
What I wanna know is: is it gonna finish what it started? I want to know if it's gonna turn and run like the spoiled little rich boy I always took it for. And I can only pray to God that when I ask it this, Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance will respond: I have a brother...I have a brother. I will stand by you!
GamersMark (Oct 16, 2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a dream come true for gamers that want a Square (now Square-Enix) RPG on the go. It’s a game that you can pick up and play at any time for any length of time, save anywhere (even in battles!) and never miss a beat. The story might not have lived up to my hopes but there is a lot of fun to be had here just leveling up and finding new items and abilities for your characters to master. It may not be the Tactics sequel that we’ve all been waiting for, but no fan should pass up the opportunity to check it out.
GameSpot (Sep 05, 2003)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is noteworthy for several reasons: It's a much-desired follow-up to Square's popular 1997 strategy role-playing game for the PlayStation, and it's also the first Final Fantasy game to appear on a Nintendo console in many years. Tactics Advance is also a great game in its own right, and it's well-suited to the portable Game Boy Advance. Those who fondly remember the original Final Fantasy Tactics won't find a story that's as engrossing or as complex here, but this is still a deep and involving RPG that offers dozens of hours' worth of entertaining tactical battles.
RPGFan (Oct 02, 2003)
Albeit the aforementioned flaws, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a fun game, but may disappoint veterans who loved the original FFT. The plot is weak and the gameplay aged; but there's no denying that it still has that addictive aura that will keep gamers mission after mission. It's not a classic by any means, but it's a worthy sequel.
Games TM (Oct 09, 2003)
It could be argued that FFTA can be a little sluggish, or that the frequent 'random encounters' (which come by way of clashes with other Clans) can get rather frustrating, and even that the game can be too easy at times. But while these things can annoy, they never seven come close to ruining the game. If forthcoming titles like Fire Emblem turn out anywhere near as polished as this, we'll only have our incredibly high luck statistic to thank. And Square Enix and Nintendo, of course.
Das zu den ellenlangen Regeln auch bestimmte Gegenstands- und Fertigkeitsverbote zĂ€hlen, grenzt von Zeit zu Zeit regelrecht an Schikane. Wer seine ersten KĂ€mpfe nichtsdestotrotz ĂŒberlebt, darf sich von nun an in diversen LĂ€den mit zusĂ€tzlicher AusrĂŒstung und Waffen einkleiden oder sich in einer der unzĂ€hligen Tavernen auf Missionssuche begeben. Seltsam: Neu entdeckte Gebiete dĂŒrfen frei auf der Karte platziert werden.
Player1 (Oct, 2003)
En tredje dimension ger dÀrför striderna en större variation. KaraktÀrernas olika förmÄgor sticker ut istÀllet för att komma i skymundan av alltför kraftfulla magier. Handlingen kan emellanÄt kÀnnas banal och nÄgot lÄngsam i sin utveckling. OmvÀxlingen, grafiken och skaparglÀdjen i formandet av ett eget superteam har ÀndÄ övertygat mig. Landet Ivalice Àr en vÀrld jag gÀrna besöker nÀr GBA:an finns nÀra till hands.
Kombo.com (Nov 25, 2003)
The bottom line on Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance is that it's a long challenging game and a must have for strategy-based RPG players. Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance could easily be the game of the year for Gameboy Advance. Its effective blend of tactical RPG elements, intricate battle system, and engaging battles provide many enjoyable hours of gameplay, but the experience can be too overwhelming (or underwhelming) for casual gamers. Without the bottomless pit deep storylines of most Final Fantasy games, Tactics Advance can easily fall flat with some gamers. If you're new to the genre, shoot for a rental first, but if you know what to expect with Final Fantasy Tactics, buy it now.
This is one of the best GBA strategy games. It makes no excuses for its depth and complexity - despite its kiddie storyline - and will reward those who give it their time.
Game Critics (Oct 08, 2003)
While it's not without a few flaws (including that it can become insanely tedious to keep fighting over and over as the player advances), there's still no denying that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a great game and a worthy successor to the PlayStation original. Strategy RPGs may remain a niche genre, but thanks to crossover titles like this one, gamers can rest assured they'll be seeing more of these style of games in the future. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
Bordersdown (Oct, 2003)
Whether the game topples its predecessor is a different matter. Square-Enix have to be commended for managing to recreate the magic of the old game on the GBA and designing some fantastic sprites, creating great music and implementing a solid ability and job system. The story perhaps remains the most poor aspect of the game and the difficulty has been toned down compared to the previous instalment. At heart it is Final Fantasy Tactics, but even though combat may have got repetitive in the first game, the story was better and gave the player a reason to play on. These niggles are meaningless when compared to the joy the player will gain from the game and fact that you can play Final Fantasy Tactics on the go makes it even better.
Gamestyle (Aug 08, 2006)
But the amount of battle-specific data on offer never overwhelms, and is as concise as it needs to be. Remarkably, for a game that is so complex, a mere four buttons or so keeps everything at your fingertips - this truly is accessible strategy. It never entirely eclipses the master (Advance Wars), however the upgradeable stats and customisable characters - not to mention the sheer length of the game - give this an edge... in terms of instant satisfaction and lasting enjoyment.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 04, 2006)
As with most games of this ilk, you must weave through many unintuitive text menus and figure out the finer points of combat on your own. Thumbing through the instruction manual won't hurt, either. You must be patient. But once you get a firm grasp on gameplay, you'll be playing a flexible and rewarding game. With its unobtrusive story and mission-based structure, "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" is perfect for gaming on the go.
Black Mages use Black Magic, White Mages use White Magic, and so on. Those are really the only problems with this game. I don't like that the whole "magic" thing has to be included, but I also know that some of you really don't care about most of the content in games, save for the whole sexuality thing. If the inclusion of magic bothers you, don?t play this game. But underneath that, there is a long, quality game just waiting to be found.
Gamer 2.0 (May 02, 2004)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance does have its little annoyances. Other than the story or long battles, there really is no reason for you not to go out and get this great game. The battles are so strategic that it'll give Advance Wars players something to do once they completed both games. If you're new to the Strategy genre, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a great experience and has a great story that people of all ages can enjoy. Unless you're an impatient player, there really is no reason for you to not get the latest addition to the Final Fantasy series.
NintendoWorldReport (Oct 13, 2003)
Yes, I’m beating pretty harshly on the faults of FF Tactics Advance. It’s a game with both pedigree and competition, and it doesn’t live up to either. It is, however, a generally solid game with tons and tons of missions to complete. The game’s core is not significantly different from other turn-based strategy games, so the gameplay is still quite satisfying and party management is as involved as ever. The problems lie in the details, and in such a complex game, details count
a lot. Hardcore strategy gamers should look at Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis for a deeper and more advanced handheld experience. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, due to its simpler game design and overall lack of difficulty, is more appropriate for players who are looking to get into the strategy genre without such a harsh learning curve.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 21, 2003)
Square Enix has done a great job in stuffing so much gameplay into such a tiny little cart and I recommend this game for any gamer on the go. The game starts off slow but the story really starts to pick up after just a short amount of time. The best part about this game is how easy it is to just pick up and play. Thanks to an excellent in-battle save function you can easily stop playing when you need to. So for you students out there this one is for you as well. Head out today and pick up a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and be sure to snag a strategy guide, you’re going to need it to find all the missions in the game.
RPG Kingdom (Dec 15, 2003)
Je mentirais en disant que je n’ai pas passĂ© de bons moments devant FFTA. Mais ce serait aussi un mensonge de dire qu’il est excellent et quasi sans dĂ©fauts. Bien que sur la forme (Graphismes, PrĂ©sentation , Musique) tout soit au poil (encore que pour les musiques, je ne peux encore une fois m’empĂȘcher de fustiger ce processeur sonore de mes deux), sur le fond le bĂąt blesse. Car si le systĂšme de combat est bien pensĂ© , que le scĂ©nar est loin d’ĂȘtre mauvais, il n’en va pas de mĂȘme pour la jouabilitĂ© (manque d’ergonomie total en dehors des combats) et la mise en scĂšne (qui mĂ©rite d’ĂȘtre lynchĂ©e et lapidĂ©e sur la place publique). Je dirais donc que SquareEnix a marquĂ© un essai, mais a loupĂ© sa transformation. J’espĂšre que ce sera pour la prochaine fois, car Ă  mon avis les habituĂ©s ne leur pardonneront pas des erreurs pareilles deux fois (surtout que ce n’est pas du tout leur genre de nous faire des coups de Trafalgar pareils.)
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 01, 2007)
It’s not that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a bad game. It’s just lacking in a few areas. The story is laughable; one could argue about the themes of escapism and loss of innocence, but a group of kids getting sucked into a book pales in comparison to what this game’s predecessor showed off. The combat and leveling system is varied and deep, allowing you to mix and match different abilities to create a well-rounded team. The problem lies with the difficulty; the law system is easily exploitable, allowing you to beat an already easy game with little effort. At least the graphics put much of the GBA’s other titles to shame. This may be one of the better handheld tactics games out there, but it leaves much to be desired.
Diehard GameFan (Sep 21, 2003)
It’s an average game. Aside from a story that makes me want to gouge out my eyes or develop mad cow disease, the game does everything at a decent level. There is far better out there in regards to every aspect of this game, and if it wasn't for the Final Fantasy name stuck on the box this game would be quickly forgotten and regulated to a bargain bin of your local Target or Best Buy. Sorry Square fans, but it’s true. If you really need your Final Fantasy fix, here it is. But if you go into it without being a slobbering psycho fanboy, you too will come away disappointed by thoughts of what could have been.
Legendra (May 06, 2005)
FFTA se rĂ©vĂšle au final ĂȘtre une version Ă©dulcorĂ©e de son grand frĂšre sur PSOne. Un scĂ©nario qui sur le papier semble ĂȘtre prenant mais qui malheureusement met des heures Ă  avancer. Reste les combats qui sont originaux tout en gardant les points forts de son aĂźnĂ© (exceptĂ© la camĂ©ra !!!). Pour conclure, je vous le conseille si vous ĂȘtes patient.
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance var spelet som hade störst potential att fÄ Äka runt med mig i tunnelbanan. Nu blir det inte sÄ. Advance Wars 2 fÄr istÀllet den Àran. Hade Square Enix satsat mer pÄ handlingen, avskaffat de jobbiga reglerna och Äterupprepat kompositörerna Masaharu Iwatas och Hotishi Sakimotos ljudbild frÄn föregÄngaren hade det varit en helt annan historia. Nu ÄterstÄr bara ett halvdant strategispel frÄn Japan.
RPGamer (2003)
Cynicism aside, FFTA is not a complete waste of money. It is a diversion, and possesses mechanics strong enough to propel the gameplay for most of its fifteen hours or so. It is easy to run longer than that, but players looking to go the economical route shouldn't have too much trouble with a quick playthrough. Of course, since it is difficult to stomach Final Fantasy Tactics Advance without carving it into chunks, it may well end up being a long fifteen hours, but it's not all bad. In the end, FFTA serves as a good entry point into the field of TRPGs, a springboard for newcomers to the genre which will allow them to quickly vault their way to bigger and better things.
Video Game Talk (Jan 02, 2004)
This is definitely a good game. There is a solid amount of game play if you are prepared to sit in front of your little screen (or big screen if using the GB Player) for hours. Unfortunately the game does get slightly repetitive, as after a while the 300 missions and the random battles all seem to be the same. I have logged well over 60 hours into my game and I'm at a point where I just can't play it any more. Nonetheless it's still a good game.

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