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Game & Watch Gallery 4 Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

It's back!
Choose your game
Then choose between modern or classic and the difficulty
This is the modern version of Donkey Kong Jr. (Level 1)
Here is the second level
The classic version of Donkey Kong Jr. looks just as it did on the old handhelds where you can see all the spots that can light up
In Donkey Kong 3, you need to use bubbles to get the fire or ghost over to hit Donkey Kong before he can do the same to you
We got him!
And this is the classic version of Donkey Kong 3
In the game, Fire, you must bounce everyone jumping out of the window into the carriage
In the classic version, you need to get them into the ambulance instead
Boxing is just that. You need to hit your opponent with high and low punches while blocking any punches against you
In the classic version, you are just using basic boxers and not Mario Brothers characters
The modern Mario Cement Factory is more like a bakery. Without letting the buckets overflow, get all the "dough" into the bottom and then release it for Toad and Yoshi to eat
The classic version really was a cement factory and you get the cement into the cement trucks
Modern Rainfall has Koopa throwing stuff down at you as different characters hang on the clothes lines. Move the lines to avoid getting them hit
Winning gets you coins and moves you to the next level/season
You don't want to get anyone hit like DK
Here you can see the winter level
The classic version has raindrops falling on clothing. Move the clothes to keep them from getting wet
The message board shows you different things like hints and tricks for the game
Visit the gallery to see anything that you have gained by winning stars
Octopus (Modern; Unlockable)
Octopus (Classic; Unlockable)
Fire Attack (Modern; Unlockable)
Fire Attack (Classic; Unlockable)
Chef (Modern; Unlockable)
Chef (Classic; Unlockable
Mario Bros (Modern; Unlockable
Mario Bros (Classic; Unlockable
Donkey Kong (Modern; Unlockable
Donkey Kong (Classic; Unlockable
Manhole (1st Museum Game)
Tropical Fish (2nd Museum Game)
Mario's Bombs Away (3rd Museum Game)
Parachute (4th Museum Game)
Bomb Sweeper (5th Museum Game)
Climber (6th Museum Game)
Safebuster (7th Museum Game)
Life Boat (8th Museum Game)
Zelda (9th Museum Game)