Advertising Blurbs
    The haywire magnetic field from an earthbound meteor is driving Mecha-King Ghidorah and other monsters bonkers.

    However, Godzilla and five of his oversized pals are unaffected. Seize control of 'em and subdue the wayward monsters to save earth.

    You'll occasionally find yourself paired with a CPU-controlled bigfoot. You may also have to take on more than one manic monster at once.

    The arenas include Tokyo, a moon base and a meteor. Our favorite is Tokyo, where you can see rivers flowing and motorists driving on the freeways, oblivous to the 80-foot pugilists looming above. Bashing skyscrapers in the shadow of realistic landmarks such as Japan's Mt. Fuji adds guilty pleasure to the already madcap proceedings.

    There are nine difficulty settings.

    Options for multiplayer brawls include tag-team and free-for-all. Multiplayer action requires GBAs and Game Paks for every player and enough GBA Game Link cables to connect all systems.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66795) on Dec 31, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Game Boy Advance:
    The Vorttak - a malevolent alien race, have descended on Earth with the intent to pirate its resources and enslave humanity. From their armada of saucer ships, the Vorttak seize control of Earth’s monsters through mind control rays and order them to attack major cities around the world in an attempt to bring humankind to its knees. They will not be satisfied until the monsters have reduced all of earth’s major cities to rubble. As the Monster of your choice, you manage to snap out of the Vorttak mind control and proceed to defend Earth. Will you be tough enough to claim the title of KING OF THE MONSTERS ?

  • Classic TOHO Monsters offer physically unique, non-humanoid fighters with unique moves and individualised behaviours.
  • Fully interactive environments not only allow players to destroy them but they can also pick items up and use them as combat weapons.
  • Monsters' view offer a unique sense of scale never before seen in any game.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66795) on May 16, 2004.