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Game Chronicles (Aug 25, 2002)
If you enjoy racing games then I recommend that you purchase GTA2. It was nice to see a racing game for the GBA that was so well developed, and this title will provide many hours of enjoyment. Rally Racing is one of those games you can go back to months later and still have fun with it, and I'll definitely be looking forward to GT Advance 3.
Consoles Plus (Sep, 2002)
La réalisation est correcte, mais sans plus, et l'animation n'est pas vraiment fluide. GT2 est un petit jeu qui se démarque par la diversité de ses modes de jeu, mais qui pèche par sa réalisation un peu limite.
IGN (Jul 19, 2002)
I'm definitely not oblivious to the fact that there are several other rally games heading to the Game Boy Advance, some of which really push the system hardware in directions it was never initially meant to go. Even with those titles in mind, I still recommend GT Advance 2 because it's an incredibly tight arcade-style racer. It's fast-paced with tight controls and a decent graphics engine...sure, it doesn't feature a nifty texture-mapped 3D engine that the future Rally games will offer. But what MTO created on the system is still pretty darn impressive, and a great game to get into.
Gaming Target (Jul 25, 2002)
Although the save feature in GT Advance 2 is a huge improvement but the game also presents a couple of slight additions to the satisfying gameplay of the original. Here, gamers experience a rally game based on arcade elements rather than the simulation style most might expect. Sure, it features vehicle configurations and select modes fashioned after Gran Turismo, however the gameplay completely strays from any realistic nature in offering a more bumpy ride through fast paced racing action. The controls of gas, brake, and gear shifting may seem simple, yet the act of mastering the turns remains to be the feat. Straying from the road will be costly and power sliding without going offroad is the key to winning.
GameSpot (Jul 22, 2002)
GT Advance 2: Rally Racing is a worthy successor to last year's game. The most glaring problem of the original GT Advance has been addressed, and ultimately, this game is to the sport of rally what its predecessor is to street racing. The game offers numerous options, it has a ton of cars and all of the tracks from the rally circuit, and it looks good for a handheld game. If you've been yearning for a good driving game for your GBA, look no further than GT Advance 2.
The Age (Sep 26, 2002)
Australia, with Uluru as a backdrop, kicks the whole thing off. Extra cars and courses are released as you advance. Conditions vary - tarmac, gravel, snow or mud - and the garage is the place to finetune steering, transmission, braking and suspension. Speed, acceleration, handling and grip depend on your car. Licence mode will test your racing mettle. But it's unforgiving: clip the track's edge, don't reach the finish line in time, you fail. There's also practice and singlerace options to steel your nerve. You don't need a password to save games - a big improvement over its predecessor. But, somewhat awkwardly, you need to go to the options menu to both save and reload games.
GameSpy (Jul 24, 2002)
If you're looking for a great arcade-style rally racing game for your Game Boy Advance, there's no better choice than THQ's GT Advance 2: Rally Racing. With tons of rally cars, tracks, gameplay modes and other options, GT Advance 2 will keep you entertained for quite some time. The addition of a battery save makes saving and loading your progress a snap, and is arguably the biggest and most welcome addition to the original. Although it's not a revolutionary jump from its predecessor, GT Advance 2 is nonetheless a fantastic rally racing experience.
Die Grafik bedient sich des mittlerweile bekannten Mode7- Effekts und überzeugt durch Unebenheiten im Boden. Andererseits sieht die Umgebung für ein Rallye-Spiel schon wieder zu kahl aus: öde Wildnis und ab und zu mal ein Strauch. Bemerkenswert ist, dass man seinen Wagen nach einen Sprung auch in der Luft lenken kann. Das ist zwar hochgradig unrealistisch, aber bei einigen Haarnadelkurven schon recht spaßig. Der Sound ist allerdings nicht ganz überzeugend: Coole Musik in den Menüs, aber das Gedudel in den Rennen erinnert an die frühen 80er. Die Sprachsamples des Co-Piloten klingen oft verkratzt und kommen mitunter auch etwas zu spät.
GameZone (Jul 18, 2002)
GT Advance 2 is not a must-have game like its predecessor, but it is definitely worth a rental. I'd recommend it as a purchase, but it's too short. $30 isn't too much to pay for a game, but it is too much to pay for a game that's over in less than two hours. Two hours seems to be the average amount of time it takes to finish a game these days (on the GBA). At this time last year, the average length was 4-5 hours. Granted, games cost $10 more back then, but the price was usually worth it. Regardless, I still think that you should give this game a shot. It's fun...while it lasts.
Game Over Online (Jul 31, 2002)
GT Advance 2 plays out in a behind the car mode, rather than behind the wheel, that is customary for console racers. Also like console racing titles, its emphasis is on unlocking cars, gaining parts to enhance the performance of your cars, effectively making new vehicles and going through tracks that are set on a wide variety of landscapes.
GamePro (US) (Aug 28, 2002)
Still, while not innovative or amazing, GT Advance 2 is too fun to dismiss as derivative. The graphics are the standard 2D cars on top of a flat 3D road, and this hurts sometimes when you try to go through fences that you don't realize are fences, but they get the job done and are varied enough to never fall into the "dull" department. The music is well made if a little forgettable, and you can't help but grow attached to the invisible co-pilot who shouts out "Hard right!" or "Medium left!" as you navigate each course. Most importantly, though, the driving is a ton of fun while it lasts, something that's regrettably rare among portable racing games. If you've played the first GT Advance, feel free to take a full point off the final score; if not, give it a shot the next time you're hunting for something quick 'n easy on the GBA.
55 (Oct 03, 2002)
Si GT Advance 2 était sorti il y a un an, il aurait mérité bien meilleure note. Mais la GBA nous a depuis habitués à bien mieux en matière de jeux de course. C’est dommage car de nombreux joueurs attendaient avec impatience cette suite...