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    The Ham-Hams Need Your Help!

    Hamtaro, Bijou and the rest of the Ham-Ham crew are scurrying onto Game Boy Advance to star in an all-new adventure. There's trouble in paradise when a no-good Ham-Ham named Spat starts spreading lies and igniting squabbles among Hamtaro's pals. To save their friends from heartbreak, Hamtaro and Bijou solve challenging puzzles and learn lots of new Ham-Chat words. It's their biggest challenge yet!

    • Interact with your favorite characters from the Cartoon Network hit, Hamtaro: Little Hamsters, Big Adventures.
    • Use the secret hamster language known as Ham-Chat to solve puzzles and help Hamtaro's friends. There are more than 80 words to learn!
    • Every Ham-Chat word can also be a dance step.
    • Choreograph your own Ham-Jam grooves to win dance competitions or trade your favorite moves with a friend.

    Purchase clothing with Sunflower Seeds, then take pictures of Hamtaro and Bijou in the brand new Clubhouse photo studio.

    Now that Hamtaro has graduated from Game Boy Color to Game Boy Advance, he's looking better than ever. There are more than 80 Ham-Chat words for Hamtaro and Bijou to learn, and each one is accompanied by a unique animation. Hamtaro and Bijou explore a wide variety of locations, including the cozy Clubhouse, Fun Land, Sandy Bay and more. The environments are crawling with Ham-Hams to meet, including all-new characters created specifically for the game and old favorites like Pashmina, Boss, Penelope, Oxnard and more.

    Like Ham-Hams Unite!, Ham-Ham Heartbreak is all about mastering Ham-Chat -- a secret language spoken by the Ham-Hams. As you explore Hamtaro's world, pressing the A Button brings up a menu of Ham-Chat words. It's up to you to figure out which word you'd like to use. If Hamtaro meets a new Ham-Ham for example, you could choose "ham-ha" to say hello or "hif-hif" to smell the new acquaintance.

    Now that Hamtaro and Bijou are working together, many of the new Ham-Chat words in this game require teamwork between the two Ham-Hams. If Hamtaro and Bijou use the word "hamlift," Hamtaro lifts Bijou up onto his shoulders so she can grab things which may be too high to reach otherwise.

    Bottom Line Despite its cute appearance, Ham-Ham Heartbreak is actually a very challenging game that will have you scratching your head from time to time. It's absolutely perfect for younger gamers.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Dec 31, 2004.