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The Hobbit Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Welcome to The Hobbit
View the map, or start a game
The map of Middle Earth can be scrolled back and forth
Gandalf arrives and is his normal eccentric self
Bilbo isn't one for adventures... yet
Bilbo's bedroom and a chest... what is inside?
As you progress through the story, your map is updated to show where you are
Your new nickname
View your inventory and stats all on one page
Attacking a large rat
Hold your attack longer to build up energy for a more powerful attack
Just hanging around. You can also see a simple puzzle on the floor
It's raining and a huge wasp is after me! What a bad day...
Hmm... what could be in here?
By lifting and throwing these jars, you might find items such as food or tokens
Solving this puzzle requires pushing statues around
Yet another puzzle requires pulling the levers in the right order
Whenever you see a book like this, you can save your game
Now THAT is a big wasp! I didn't think there was nuclear waste in Middle Earth to create such creatures...
Ok, you are a hobbit... a rather small race. And you're going to pick the pockets of trolls... a very large race. Something is not quite right in your head, Bilbo.
The trolls are capturing all the dwarves and putting them in sacks for dinner
Climbing around in the vines can get you to places that are not accessible any other way