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GameZone (Apr 04, 2006)
Manny, Sid and Diego are fun to play with, but having to keep swapping around endlessly is rather tiring. You wouldn’t think having one more character to swap than usual in these type of games would make that much of a difference, but it does. This is a game best suited for patient children who enjoy games with a leisurely pace.
N-Zone (Jun 16, 2006)
Neben kleinen Jump&Run-Einlagen gibt es viel zu Knobeln, denn häufig versperrt rutschiges Eis den Weg oder Wasser hindert am Vorankommen. Die drei Urviecher müssen sich gegenseitig unterstützen und so wechselt ihr per Tastendruck hin und her. Wie in der DS-Fassung gibt es kleine Minispiele, allerdings systembedingt ohne Touchscreen-Unterstützung. Grafisch sieht die Flucht vor dem Wasser richtig gut aus und auch der Sound überzeugt. Allerdings bietet das Spielkonzept zu wenig, um längerfristig zu motivieren.
DS-x2 (Jun 08, 2006)
While this GBA version is undoubtedly better than the DS effort it's still not without its problems in the gameplay department. Most of this is down to the slow paced and incredibly generic structure of the levels and you'll swear that you've played the whole thing before with different visuals. It is saved, to some extent thanks to the references to the big screen outing that has been a runaway success at the box office despite critics’ misgivings. It's a certainty that this game will do the same but you can't help feeling that even the most patient of gamers will quickly tire of what is an unfulfilling gaming experience.
55 (May 22, 2006)
Les adaptations de licences cinématographiques sont souvent douloureuses pour la GBA et il faut reconnaître que de gros efforts ont été faits pour que ce soft ne soit pas qu'une coquille vide. Cependant, l'action lente et fastidieuse ainsi que le manque général de clarté pourront facilement rebuter le public à qui s'adresse l'Age de Glace 2.
IGN (Apr 14, 2006)
While Ice Age 2 GBA is undoubtedly flying off the shelves due to the success of the movie, we simply can’t recommend the adventure. It’s amazingly generic, offering a mixed bag of both gameplay and presentation elements. Puzzles are plain and uninspired, as the game seems to offer no truly entertaining moments. Sure there are few movie-inspired areas that bring a smile to our face, but the majority of gameplay is far too basic for the age group intended. The entire adventure seems to be thrown together, meshing strong and weak visual elements, basic audio production and a grab bag of level design. This one fits right in with the prior catalog of generic movie licensed games and should be passed up by the majority of gamers. It’s simply average and void of entertainment. If an Ice Age 2 game is a necessity, we strongly recommend the console versions.