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Advertising Blurbs

Muze Inc. - Game Boy Advance:
    Do you have the instincts and endurance to fight off countless alien enemies? Let's hope so. You're the last hope against this terrifying invasion!

    A lush, 3D epic, IRIDION 3D is reminiscent of classic space shooters, but adds some truly advanced design elements into the mix.

    You're a star pilot, and your mission is to get through seven stages of the most detailed, intense space battles ever. Just when you think you're ready to move on to the next round, you'll have to face a boss character that's deadly enough to be a game in its own right.

    Boasting superb sound and graphics, IRIDION 3D is the perfect way to celebrate your 32-bit Game Boy Advance. Excellent backgrounds, smooth gameplay, intuitive controls, and nerve-wracking combat combine with a cool techno soundtrack to yield a game for the ages. Play alone or challenge a friend via a link cable if you dare.

    Special Features:
  • 32-bit graphics
  • Seven unique levels
  • Tough boss characters
  • A techno soundtrack
  • Two-player action via link cable

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Feb 19, 2006.
    In this rail shooter, you're a lone star-pilot defending earth from the invading hordes of the sinister Iridion empire. At the end of each of the blistering-fast seven stages, the forced-scrolling halts so you can battle a gigantic boss.

    While action seldom slows from nonstop, be on the lookout for weapons upgrades and shimmering multicolored icons, which restore precious energy. Your experimental SHN-Fighter comes with red, green, gold and purple lasers, which must be powered up with the same color. For example, if you snare two green power-ups, you can fire two green lasers, but if you then grab a red power-up, you'll revert to your weakest red laser.

    Developer Shin'en has done a slam-bang job with the graphics, meriting special kudos for the great water and lava effects. The techno score sounds fab on the GBA's excellent speakers. One tiny quibble: the lack of multiplayer support might limit the game's long-term playability.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 31, 2004.