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87 (Sep 01, 2003)
Ich gebe zu nicht allzu viele GBA Spiele bis jetzt gespielt zu haben, aber Iridion 2 ist genau das richtige für mich. So ein Si-Fi Shooter für zwischendurch (vor allem geeignet für eine laaaange Zugfahrt nach einer genialen Games Convention! ;-)) [Anm.d.N-Red: Mit meinem GBA!] Die Grafik ist beeindruckend, die schönen 3D-Levels, die vielen unterschiedlichen Welten und Gegner bringen Abwechslung ins Spiel. Motivation zum Durchspielen des Abenteuermodus gibt's, da dadurch erst der Arcade und Herausforderungsmodus freigespielt werden. Die verschiedenen Waffen sehen nicht nur gut aus, sondern zeigen auch unterschiedliche Wirkung. Der Sound ist genau der richtige für so ein Game, alles rundum optimal. Einzig das nervige Passwort aufschreiben und eingeben hat mich ein wenig genervt. Hier hätte ich mir eine einfache Speichermöglichkeit gewünscht.
Next Level Gaming (Aug 30, 2003)
One of the main features of the game is the weapons power up system. Total within the game you have six weapons choices, each with a certain amount of upgrade options. Throughout the gaming levels you will encounter upgrade pods. At times you will have multiple weapons at your disposal you can choose which to use your upgrade on. This allows you the chance to build up your fire power for when you meet those pesky bosses that just don’t get it. One last weapon choice is the Smart Bomb, a nifty little bugger that can clear the screen of baddies in just a few winks. You can collect yourself a nice pile of these toys along your way.
GameZone (Jun 24, 2003)
This is the quintessential time-killing game. Got a car trip coming up, or a long, boring afternoon at an aunt's house? Maybe you've got a business trip to Chicago and would like a great game to play on the way there or in between meetings. Whatever your reason for needing to pass time, there isn't a better way to do it than playing through Iridion II. It's long enough to keep you entertained for a while, but short enough to prevent you from forgetting all about that important luncheon you absolutely must go to. Even without the need to kill time though, Iridion II is a must-buy.
Das alles wird euch in einer derartig phänomenalen Grafik verabreicht, dass man im ersten Moment die einschlagenden Schüsse gar nicht so richtig mitbekommt Eine bessere 3-D Darstellung werdet ihr bei keinem anderen GBA Spiel finden! Der Sound, bei dem übrigens, Melodie, Akkorde, Bässe und Drums je nach Wunsch eingestellt werden können, tut mit seiner exzellenten Sprachausgabe ein Übriges.
GameSpot (Jun 27, 2003)
Iridion II is a great-looking shoot-'em-up that borrows many of its play nuances from the classics of yesteryear.
Avec Iridion 2, l’équipe de développement de Shinen remet le couvert en visant bien plus haut. Techniquement, le jeu a encore progressé et propose des décors et sprites d’une beauté saisissante pour la petite console portable de Nintendo. Aussi, le gameplay a été considérablement amélioré.
Unlike the hollow gameplay experience of the first, this title gives fans more classic shooter action. It's a little slow, but given the added challenge of environmental obstacles, this title still demands some precision flying. Each world is replete with vibrant colors that only further endear this release to old schoolers. Add to this a variety of weapons for your ship, and you'll find that Iridion II's changes equal a pretty tidy sum.
While it fails to break any new ground (it doesn't even try to), Iridion II is a decent throwback to shooters before they became overly complicated. It's simple brief fun, and it's short enough that they didn't even bother with back up. This is a password save title. Whether or not you need to write them down depends on your skill and how long of a session you have. That said, this a great road title, perfect for a car ride and solid enough to play through a few times.
Gaming Target (Jun 27, 2003)
Instead of following the ship from behind, Iridion II has shed the 3D perspective and replaced it with a view from above. While I didn’t anticipate much from this 2D approach, each of the 15 levels contain visual flair that meets, and in some cases exceeds, what was seen before. The beautiful backgrounds give an impression of depth and the wonderful animation brings the scrolling screen to life. All of this is sure to please the masses, whether they are fans of the first game or newcomers to the Iridion series.
IGN (Jun 02, 2003)
Iridion 3D was one of the first titles released during the Game Boy Advance system's launch in June 2001. Though the game certainly wowed new purchasers with a rather impressive 3D engine and a very capable music soundtrack, the gameplay ended up extremely flat and awkward behind-the-ship perspective that just didn't work all that well. The development team went back to the drawing board for the sequel, Iridion II, and while it shares similarly impressive graphic and sound capabilities, the game itself is a complete redesign from Iridion 3D. And what's more, the sequel is a far more successful action game because the designers rooted the design with 2D gameplay that makes the game much more accessible and drastically more fun than the original game.
N-Zone (Jul 09, 2003)
Die Iridion-Streitkräfte sind zurück und drohen die Menschheit zu zerstören. Nur ein einziges Raumschiff kann die Feinde zurückschlagen. Und so ballert ihr euch in bester Ikaruga-Manier durch 15 Levels. Mittels Power-ups rüstet ihr eure Waffen auf. Highscore-Fans können ihre Punkte auf der Iridion 2 -Website verewigen. Die Grafik von Iridion 2 ist für GBA-Verhältnisse sehr gut, leider ruckelt sie auch des Öfteren. Der Sound ist nichts Besonderes. Den guten Gesamteindruck kann das jedoch nicht trüben.
GameSpy (Jul 02, 2003)
Despite all my qualms, Iridion II is still a decent game so far as pocket shooters go. Of course, it doesn't have much competition. It's clear that developer Shin'en is extremely talented in the technical realm, but it seems it doesn't give as much attention to its gameplay. Given some heavy tweaking, Iridion II could have been a classic. As it is, it'll have to settle for being a slightly above average shooter that just so happens to have the best graphics on the system. Still, considering it can be found for $15, shooter fans might as well give it a shot. Again, no pun intended.
Joypad (Jul, 2003)
Un bon ch’tit shoot pour la GBA !!!
Frictionless Insight (Jul 21, 2003)
Iridion II does not have the innovation or earth-shaking difficulty of a game like Ikaruga, but it is a solid, scrolling shooter. Iridion II offers a lot of good play for a Game Boy Advance title, and gamers who can overcome the lack of a save feature should look into this scrolling shooter
Iridion II is a great looking, but somewhat shallow throwback to the overhead shooters of game consoles past. It's not a top tier game, but I'd say for twenty bucks, it's worth owning.
GamePro (US) (Jun 02, 2003)
Iridion 3D, the prettiest of the GBA launch library (really more of a graphics demo than a game), has returned and without the 3D, even. The original featured a Space Harrier style behind-the-ship view that looked pretty but made it impossible to accurately gauge shots; fortunately, the developers at Shin'en have realized their faults and replaced it with a 2D semi-overhead perspective that makes Iridion II play far more like your typical shooter.