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90 (UK) (Dec 14, 2005)
Possibly the most ill-advised game title of all time was Firebird's audacious 'Don't Buy This' on the ZX Spectrum in the mid '80s. We did what they asked. A close second has to be Rare's latest in-joke handheld excursion It's Mr Pants, a game title that prompts such snorts of derision and disbelief every time it's mentioned you'd swear they did it as a bet or something. It most definitely is real, but don't hold it against them; they may have $375 million of Microsoft's dollars burning a hole in their, ahem, pants, but the Rare chaps still evidently know how to make a mean handheld title.
Um Zweifler ein wenig zu beruhigen: Das Spielprinzip ist weit genug von Tetris entfernt um auch Hardcore-Blöckebastlern etwas Neues bieten zu können.
80 (May 10, 2005)
A fun game to fill in short periods of time you may have free, to just play casually, or even to play for hours at a time.
Rare took some chances with this game but they've got enough experience to know that a good game with a fun atmosphere is a winner. Perhaps we can look forward to a sequel such as It's Miss Bra and Knickers.
N-Zone (Mar 14, 2005)
Klammheimlich bringt uns Rare hier ein nettes Puzzlespiel. Steine müssen so auf einem Spielfeld abgelegt werden, dass sich eine rechteckige Gesamtform ergibt. Gute Puzzlespiele sind auf dem Game Boy eher selten; It´s Mr. Pants überzeugt mit abgedrehtem Grafikstil und tollem Gameplay. Besonders der Puzzle-Modus sorgt in den späteren Levels für eine ordentliche Gehirnfolter. Lasst euch von dem kindlich-bunten Stil des Spiels nicht abschrecken, das Spielprinzip hat es in sich. Ein Geheimtipp für alle Puzzlefans mit einem Game Boy Advance!
IGN (Dec 10, 2005)
It's Mr. Pants is a concept that began as a Donkey Kong licensed puzzle game back in 2001 called Coconut Crackers. Between then and now, good ol' DK had been ousted in favor of an occasional Rareware favorite, Mr. Pants, an oblong scribbleman wearing nothing but a bowler cap and a set of red underbriefs. How can you have this guy headline a game and try to take it seriously? Answer: you can't. And Rare takes every opportunity to be as weird and creative in the presentation as it can. Substances were most likely consumed in the board room during the company's pitch for the game, but you know, it's this tripped-out exhibition that gives It's Mr. Pants a unique personality that shouldn't be missed.
It's Mr Pants is an enjoyable puzzle game that most fans of the genre will appreciate. The game's artwork and presentation gives off the appearance of a child's game but in actual fact the game will appeal to gamers of all ages. It's disappointing that there are no multiplayer modes though as the single player game will not last for a great deal of time.
70 (Mar 27, 2005)
It's fashionable and far too easy to bitch about Rare. The former darling of the industry is now its whipping boy, and Rare's track record of major releases this generation speaks for itself. You can argue that Grabbed By The Ghoulies was a fun and enjoyable cartoon romp (it was), or that Star Fox Adventures successfully appealed to the younger end of the market (it did), but the fact remains that Microsoft probably had more in mind when they opted to pay 375 million dollars for the Ashby wonderkids. Three years later with almost nothing to show, Rare is becoming a laughing stock.
Planet GameCube (May 08, 2005)
A bit of background, first off: Mr. Pants first appeared when Rare launched their website back in 1997. He was an awkwardly MS Paint-drawn stick figure man who hosted their survey section. He gained a cult following (with some fans going to the point of borderline obsession) and started popping up in various Rare games. He's gained the title role in "It's Mr. Pants", which was originally going to be called "Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers".
GameSpy (Dec 08, 2004)
Though Mr. Pants is far from the worst puzzler ever, Mr. Pants the character deserves to star in more than just a puzzle game. He's a goofy, charming product of British humor, so we fully expect a Mr. Pants platform game or (even better) RPG in the near future. Please? At any rate, the GBA needs more worthwhile puzzle games, and Mr. Pants adds to that total without being particularly spectacular in its own right.
GameSpot (Mar 03, 2005)
Believe it or not, It's Mr. Pants is a puzzle game. The title refers to the game's namesake, a cheerful stick person dressed in men's underpants. The game itself tasks you with rotating and moving randomly generated geometric shapes in order to create rectangles of varying sizes, which are then removed from the screen and turned into points. Many players will quickly fall in love with the line-drawn artwork that's used in the menus and backgrounds, as well as the barnyard sound clips that are the game's sound effects, but, beyond those aspects, It's Mr. Pants is merely an average puzzler with a limited array of features.