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James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Language selection
Intro: Dr. Maybe produces cleverly disguised elf bombs.
James Pond sees this and is on the job.
At Santa's occupied factory
All levels are accessed from the factory through doors
First level
If he finds an umbrella, James falls much more slowly.
In each level, all booby-trapped puppets must be found and defused.
the blue soldiers belong to the more common enemies.
Each time we defuse a bomb, a number with the bombs still left in the level appears.
I don't like this car's expression.
Pond at full speed
Several types of vehicles can be found, in this case a car.
The bottles with the skull on them are negative item which drain your health.
The bus throws tiny passengers at you.
Level completed; we get a password
Completed levels have the face of James on their doors.
The sign is a checkpoint
At least the programmers did not remove the TMNT shirts from the original version.
Apart from the car, you can find an aeroplane.
The first boss
Guess this toy was filled with TNT, too.