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Jurassic Park III: Park Builder Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Ready to build your park?
One of the main menus you will be using allows you to set your park options, send excavation teams, and handle lab work
Your main office allows you to find ways to improve your park's income and popularity
Visitors do not want to walk very far, so buy some buses to transport them around your park
Choose from a variety of advertising methods such as this Carnivore Cop advertisement
In order to have any dinosaurs in your park, you will need to excavate DNA pieces, so send out a team
Ready to start building? Open your build menu to create roads, facilities, and dinosaur enclosures
When your excavation teams bring back amber, analyze it to find the DNA parts for the dinosaurs. You will need the full DNA to create a dinosaur
Once you have the full DNA sample, you can create eggs so that you will have dinosaurs in your park
One of the 140 dinosaurs you can have... Do you remember the Meganeura who battled Godzilla?
After you create some eggs, you can view them in your hatchery plant
A new dinosaur!
View your dinosaurs statistics to see how their health is
Looking at one of the exibits, you can see three different dinosaurs
Oh, no! Your dinosaur died! Expect to see your dinosaurs dying from various causes throughout the game
Use your dinosaur guide book to see the information about each dinosaur you create