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Karnaaj Rally Game Boy Advance Title screen


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IGN (Jan 15, 2003)
Apart from the lame character presentation (which ultimately affects the box art direction) and poor choice of title that's just as difficult to read as it is to spell, Karnaaj Rally is an excellent racing game that's a bit slow-going at the start. Give it a few trips around the track, though, because the challenge definitely increases as time goes on. The faster the cars, the more difficult it is to complete the circuit. The game's graphics are downright gorgeous, with a super ambitious combination of 2D and 3D elements used to great effect on the Game Boy Advance system. But the lesson to be learned here: though, in the end, it's the content of the game that's important, put a little effort in attracting the consumers. It'll be a miracle if this game sells on its name alone.
GameSpot (Jan 28, 2003)
In most respects, Karnaaj Rally is a great game. Nevertheless, the career mode isn't diverse enough to keep your attention for the same length of time as the other games you've no doubt acquired for your Game Boy Advance. Also, this game doesn't have any key features, such as a garage to contain your cars, awards for accomplishing certain goals, or a battle mode to complement the traditional race mode. Otherwise, the ability to drive through the jungle, upgrade your car, and launch rockets at your opponents is a spectacular recipe for fun. If fun is more important to your definition of replay value than features, you should definitely give Karnaaj Rally a try.
76 (Aug 09, 2004)
From the stupid box art alone, I can see why this game remains in bargain bins everywhere. However, if you play this game, you will see that it really should belong in your GBA collection. The character designs are repulsive, but the game play will keep players entertained. The absence of a single pak link option drags the score of this game down a bit, but with the cheap price point, each GBA owner can afford it. The graphics are a wonderful blend of 2D and 3D elements while the sound can be a little catchy. The player will religiously go after each dollar to upgrade their vehicle until it is totally maxed out. This is a great way to keep this cart plugged into your GBA. Karnaaj Rally proves that what's inside is what really counts.
GameSpy (Feb 11, 2003)
While Karnaaj Rally might not have the staying power of a truly classic game, it is plenty of fun in small doses -- playing it for 15 minutes at a time is fun. Playing it for an hour is boring. Karnaaj Rally also provides games with something of a sneak peek at Micro Machines. If Paragon Five was cutting its teeth on the Game Boy Advance with Karnaaj Rally, it should have learned quite a bit about the hardware along the way. As a result, Micro Machines should be a better game for it.