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Game Vortex (Nov 16, 2004)
Kim Possible 2 is a nice game that any young gamer (or “Kim Possible” fan) should enjoy. It stays true to the series and is fairly fun.
DS-x2 (Apr 06, 2006)
While it's accepted by gamers that most movie/TV tie-ins are constructed from the same standard elements the end result can differ significantly. Refreshingly, Drakken's Demise is one of the better examples. Developers AM2 have done an incredible job of not only producing a game which will delight fans of the series but also one that your average platform fan should also take a look at. The reasons are simple, the developer clearly cared about the license and not only is there enough diversity to keep you coming back for more, but there's also a suitable level of challenge. Some areas may seem incredibly tough but they are never impossible. The outcome is one of only a few games of this nature which demonstrate just what can be achieved with a license and definitely one of the handheld surprises of the year so far.
IGN (Aug 05, 2004)
You don't see the come-back effect much on the Game Boy Advance. It's pretty rare for publishers to make any big changes at all on the little handheld system the second time out -- they usually just take the old engine and spin up some new levels that hopefully are more fun than last time. You don't see them change developers often, and when they do, you still usually don't get a better game for the change (we call this the Blitz Effect.) But, oh mommy, did Disney Interactive make a good turn with this one -- new developer, new gameplay approach, and like an episode of The Swan, the second Kim Possible GBA title is a total hottie.
GameDaily (Feb 15, 2005)
The animation in Drakken's Demise is surprisingly crisp for a Game Boy Advance game, and Kim looks great flipping her way through the air and beating down the bad guys. Speaking of the bad guys, they are all identical, huge-looking thugs, but it only takes a few kicks to knock them out cold. The game is not too difficult. It's a side-scroller, which means that it's easy to figure out which way to go. Kim can never go any further than left to right as the screen permits. The music is good, and the ability to play as Kim's rat Rufus is an added bonus. Once you learn the controls, Kim Possible: Drakken's Demise is an incredibly fun and challenging time. In all, Kim Possible: Drakken's Demise is a great choice for Kim fans, or for gamers just looking to beat up on some bad guys using terrific acrobatic skills.
N-Zone (Aug 20, 2006)
Klare Sache: Der beste Geheimagent der Welt ist James Bond, aber das weibliche Pendant Kim Possible ist mindestens genauso cool. Die rothaarige Agentin erhält auf dem Game Boy ihren dritten Auftrag: Dr. Drakken zu vernichten und die Welt zu retten. In den insgesamt vier Geschichten schlägt sich die rothaarige Geheimagentin bravourös. Herausfordernde Jump&Run-Action in geradlinigen 2D-Abschnitten, die dank zahlreicher Gadgets wie Greifhaken, Tarnanzug oder Raketenroller-Blades nie langweilig wird, steht auf dem Programm.
GameZone (Jul 26, 2004)
Kim Possible is an ultra cool cartoon teen, captain of the cheerleading squad and on the honor roll, but one who also finds time to help save the world on a weekly basis. This girl is so cool, even my college freshman enjoys the show. Disney produces the show, and is also the producer of Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise, the second game from Disney featuring Kim Possible on the Game Boy.
75 (2006)
Kim Possible est un bon jeu d'action 2D, fidèle à la série, et plutôt amusant.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 20, 2004)
But the game's forgiving nature can itself be forgiven. It manages not to be insulting or patronizing, by teaching you, at the start of each level, a few new tricks that you can have fun with right away. And these aren't tricks thrown in clumsily for the sake of it; all the cool ingredients are in keeping with the show and its appeal. Throw in cool rapport between Kim and friends Wade and Ron, fairly good tunes, and a turn playing as a naked mole rat (ooh, provocative!), and you've got a winner. Disney's Kim Possible 2 is a charming time with less sweating than you're used to: an absolute must-have for fans, kids, novice gamers, and 2D lovers who can stomach a great little game stuck permanently in training mode.
55 (Mar 01, 2006)
La cartouche est réellement fidèle au support d'origine, c'est indéniable. Les personnages, l'humour ou la bande-son proviennent tous de la série télévisée ce qui plaira à coup sûr aux fans. Cela dit, les déplacements un peu lents et le manque de précision de certaines actions peuvent décourager les moins patients d'entre eux.