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The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Main menu
Selecting a team.
Choosing the battle order.
After Chang be jumped over Kyo, he quickly strikes back using his anti-air move 100 Shiki: Oniyaki.
Benimaru Nikaido attacking successfully his alter-ego with the upper version of his DM Raikou Ken.
With Shingo immobilizing Clark by the feet, Moe tries a attack using her command move Waving Grain.
Kensou walks a lot to attack Terry, but he is suddenly stopped after be damaged by the Round Wave.
Andy Bogard attacks Terry using a single and strong frontal hit of his elbow-based move Zan'ei Ken.
Mai hits Moe with her fan half-circle move Night Plover: she's still assisted by Joe's fast punches.
In spite of having found several means of escaping, King didn't get to avoid Ryo's Zanretsu Ken...
Kim attacks Robert with his Hangetsu Zan, but he quickly uses the Defense Cancel Attack to annul it.
Practice Mode match: while Yuri are making a cool pose, King trains her DM Silent Flash in Athena...
Athena Asamiya uses her Psycho Reflector as way to parry a lot of Ralf Jones' tackle-running attack.
Demonstration mode – Kim Kaphwan marks a 12-hit combo in Kyo Kusanagi through his DM Phoenix Flail.
Victory screen.
Knowing that Leona is partially vulnerable during her Baltic Launcher, Mai attacks with a KachouSen.
Ralf Jones giving to Benimaru Nikaido a good dose of his throwing move Super Argentine Backbreaker.
Helped by Whip and her swinging combat weapon, Clark hits Robert with 3 hits of his Gatling Attack.
Athena Asamiya uses his New Psycho Reflector move to connect an accurate 3-hit combo in Choi Bounge.
Impulsioned by the 2-hit made by Sie Kensou's Senkyuutai, Andy Bogard takes a quick ride in the air!
Leona blocking a joint offensive formed by Bao's Psycho Ball Crash: Reflect and Chin's striker move.
Terry launches a Power Wave in Kim, aiming to neutralize quickly his foot-stomping move Haki Kyaku.
Mai wins
Caught by the neck, Bao is slowly damaged by some hits of Chang Koehan's grappling move Chain Choke.
Assisted by Jhun Hoon's striker move, Choi Bounge attacks Robert using his command move Mukuro Zuki.
Through her DM Mizudori no Mai, the Shiranui female fighter wants to cease Clark's run at all costs!
Simultaneous counter-attacks: Athena's New Psycho Reflector clashing Bao's DM Psycho Ball Crash: SP.
Kyo Kusanagi launches Mai in the air, thanks to the 2 flaming hits of his punch-based DM 182: Shiki.
Using her command move Strike Arch, Leona finds a mode to strike back Choi's move Full-Speed Dicer.
Using the Emergency Rolling Move, Kyo was able to escape of Iori's projectile 108 Shiki: Yami Barai.
With Geese grabbed by Yamazaki, Iori has a great moment to do his DM Ura 301 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi.
Portraits - before fight
Ralf's special attack
4 vs 4
Moe throws Benimaru
...and stay there!
Air duel
Andy's special attack
Leona vs Robert
Cat fight
Surprised Chang
Moe vs Choi and Jhun
Iori as sub-boss
Geese as last boss
Mirror match