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atari breakout
ESRB Rating

Advertising Blurbs
    Don't let the ponytail fool you: Lady Sia is one heck of a warrior. Highly skilled with a sword and well-versed in the ways of magic, Lady Sia kicks some serious tail in her video game debut on Game Boy Advance.

    Lady Sia is an original action game that bursts with rich anime-inspired artwork. The title heroine storms through 36 side-scrolling levels in four worlds, slashing enemies and collecting magical gems. The sprawling levels are much larger than what we've come to expect from Game Boy Color games, so it takes a bit of exploration to find all of the hidden gems.

    In addition to running and jumping, Lady Sia can also ride strange beasts and transform herself into -- get this -- a giant magic-driven Sasquatch. That's worth the price of admission right there! This sweet-looking Pak boasts fantastic boss battles, including one tough battle against a blubbery overgrown walrus.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66463) on Jan 03, 2005.

Back Cover (N. America):
    She lives for adventure,
    She fights to save her kingdom,
    She needs you to watch her back!

    Join Lady Sia, bold defender of a world invaded by a race of ruthless beastmen. Help her use her sword and her wits in an intense battle across land, sea and air to free her people. Acquire the magic of the elements to defeat the giant T'Soa bosses, and invoke Sia's shapeshifting power in a final showdown against an unforgiving foe!

    • 36 magical maps across 4 unique worlds.
    • 32 bizarre enemies.
    • Multiple in-game puzzles and secret levels.

    Contributed by Freeman (65660) on Aug 29, 2004.

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