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ESRB Rating

Lady Sia Credits

53 people (50 developers, 3 thanks)

RFX Interactive

Managing Director Bernard Auré
Original Concept Stéphane Zettwoog, Gwenaël Tranvouez
Gameplay Design Edouard Albert, Frédéric Borralho, Bastien Evain, Michaël Garcini, Raphaël Grosjean, Gwenaël Tranvouez, Stéphane Zettwoog
Artwork Edouard Albert, Frédéric Borralho, Nicolas Demare, Michaël Garcini, Raphaël Grosjean, Alain Jégo, Stéphane Zettwoog
Art Intern Alexandre Caumartin
Programming Bastien Evain, Florent Steiner, Gwenaël Tranvouez
Tools Florent Steiner
MusicChristophe Zurfluh, Alexis Roy, A.M.H.
Sound EffectsChristophe Zurfluh, Alexis Roy, A.M.H.
Otakus Bigthebig, Champignac, Jack, Mix, Moah
Thanks ToIrene Cooperstein (help with translation), James Cole (of 6th Level Studios - for the website), Arnosan for the turtle bug

TDK Mediactive Europe

Director Heiko tom Felde
Product Managers Odile Goffin, Hughes Van Espen
Producer Olivier Mestre
MarketingSylvie Peyre, Michael Domke
PR Sylvie Peyre, Michael Domke

TDK Mediactive, Inc.

Executive Producers Vincent J. Bitetti, Shin Tanabe
Executive Producer in Charge of Production Peter Gould
Producer David Artuso
QA Director Kevin Deadwylier
QA Supervisor Daniel Roth
Lead Tester Tod S. Hostetler
Test Team Matthew Mercer (Senior Tester), Alex Becerra, Zachary Epstein, Ryan Kaminaga, Kristen Waugh, Steve Angeles, Steven Goldin, Jose Amador, Casey Wamack, Reza Sadafi, Jessica Hall
Chief Financial Officer Martin Paravato
VP, International Business Affairs Eugene Code
VP, Global Marketing Stefan Serwe
VP, Sales Tanya Baker
VP, Operations Lorena Billig
Brand ManagerFran Cooley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (65660) and formercontrib (158051)

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