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Lady Sia Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Options screen
Intro: Meet Lady Sia. She is rather impatient and refuse to listen to her allies' opinions.
Intro: Sia's advisor approaches her later and tells her some bad news.
Intro: Sia storms out to find the T'soas...but they ended up finding her first and locks her in a dungeon.
Intro: A man in cloak frees Sia and guides her out of the dungeon.
Game Map
A small tutorial - The cloak figure will guide you out onto the city and teach you various abilities Sia can perform.
Throughout the game, you will find people tied up. Free them, by cutting their bonds.
Sia made a new friend.
Slash at your enemies. But be sure to watch your heart meter!
Some enemies may require a little button-pumping to destroy
Crawl to get through low areas
Use Sia's sword to hang on to edges
Hang on!
Pause screen
Lose too many lives and you will be taken to this screen.
Angry Sia
World map
Twin sister? Mirror? No, just save point
In village
Waterfall and river
In cave
In well
City - Sia hate cities
Enemy with shield
Dangerous bee
Armoured werewolf