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Lovely port of the SNES version that is perfect for any Zelda fan's library. Dark Cloud (35) unrated
One of the best RPGs, any system A D (3) unrated
An almost perfect port of the SNES classic. kbmb (435) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (83 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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100 (UK) (Mar 27, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past really is a contender for the best GBA cart to date. If only it wasn't 90 per cent rehashed then we would probably go that far. As it is, it's an indispensable game, combining arguably the finest RPG/adventure the 16-bit era ever produced (even compared to the likes of Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI) with an expertly realised multiplayer rendition of Zelda. Capcom really is getting a grip on these handheld Zeldas now, and surely with Oracle of Ages/Seasons and Four Swords under its belt, it is finally ready to produce the first, full-scale original GBA outing for our green-clothed hero. Come on Nintendo; sign the cheque.
Legendra (Feb 17, 2003)
N'écoutez pas Medion (^^) et sautez sur l'occasion de vous le procurer; c'est une expérience à ne pas louper!!
NintendoWorldReport (Jan 20, 2003)
Overall, Zelda: Link to the Past + Four Swords is a must-own Game Boy Advance title. Even if you have already played the original SNES classic to death, there are enough new elements to warrant yet another play through. And if you have a few friends with a copy of Zelda, you’ll get nearly endless entertainment from the Four Swords multiplayer game.
100 (May 05, 2003)
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords is one of the best games released on the GBA thus far. The only downside to this game is that you have to rope in an extra friend or three to join in for Four Swords and don't forget the link cables either, all this adds to the costs. However, do make the effort, if you've wanted to try multiplayer on the GBA but wasn't bothered before or there wasn't a right game at the time, then this is your chance. Even so, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is to this day regarded by some to be the best Zelda of all time, so either way, you can't lose. What are you waiting for? Get this game now.
AceGamez (2002)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past/Four Swords is superb value for money. Not only do you get the all-time SNES classic with a couple of tweaks including a better save system, but you get a brand new multiplayer game on top with limitless lifespan due to the randomly generated dungeons. If you have played Zelda before and want to relive the amazing gaming experience, then get this game. If you are new to Zelda and want to see what all the fuss is about, then get this game. It really is that simple!
Yahoo! Games (Dec 03, 2002)
When all is said and done, A Link to the Past is a lengthy 20 to 30 hour adventure for folks who don't remember every little element from the SNES version. Those with the upper hand with prior knowledge of the classic adventure can probably breeze through it in a dozen. But whether you're a newbie or veteran, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
GamePro (US) (Dec 13, 2002)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the GBA port of a classic SNES adventure: Every clean sprite, indelible (if a little dated) sound effect, enduring orchestration, and weird gameplay quirk is reproduced with astounding accuracy. Hyrule is a colorful, happy place with a giant pig for a villain and a main character who, at one point, gets turned into a fluffy pink bunny. It’s unclear where the notion got started that a “cartoon” Link somehow went against the natural order of things but it certainly wasn’t here.
Gaming Target (Jan 10, 2003)
Basically, the game is a direct port of the original game of the same name released on the SNES years ago. It is complete with all of the master sword attacks, creative yet frustrating puzzles and long and complicated dungeons. Players gain access to new areas of the world upon the completion of each dungeon and progressing through the game is just as fun as collecting crazy and inventive items such as a butterfly net, jars for storing ferries, and even the unique hookshot which hurls Link across a number of different obstacles.
Selbst nach zehn Jahren hat das 16-Bit-Zelda nichts von seiner ursprünglichen Faszination verloren. Nie wieder hat ein vergleichbares Action-Adventure solche Perfektion im Gameplay erreicht. Nie wieder gab es im SNES-Bereich ein Rollenspiel, in dem man als Spieler seinen Grips so sehr anstrengen musste. Und nie wieder gab es eine Spielwelt, die eine solch hohe Dichte und Sidequests und kleinen Herausforderungen aufzuweisen wusste. Selbst das N64-Zelda konnte in diesem Aspekt nicht mithalten. (...) Jeder Raum, jeder Feind, jede Falle, jedes Hindernis und jeder Endgegner stellen eine eigene Herausforderung dar, die im Gesamtpaket nichts anderes als 40 Stunden Dauerspaß bedeutet. Und so ganz nebenbei spendiert uns Nintendo als kostenlosen Bonus mit The Four Swords noch ein kleines Spiel im Spiel für bis zu vier Spieler, die allesamt als Abenteurergruppe durch Hyrule ziehen können. Ladies and Gentlemen. Wir präsentieren das unbestritten beste GBA-Spiel aller Zeiten! Ab und kaufen!
Consoles Plus (Jan, 2003)
Une parfaite adaptation sur GBA du meilleur RPG action de la Snes. En cadeau bonus, une aventure inédite, Four Swords, jouable uniquement en link.
Consoles Plus (Apr, 2003)
Deux épisodes de Zelda dans une seule cartouche... que demander de plus ? Une merveille du genre, à posséder à tout prix.
IGN (Dec 03, 2002)
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is definitely one of, if not the finest games released on the GBA this year. While some Zelda fans might be a bit bummed that Nintendo didn't offer Game Boy Advance owners something new to sink their teeth into, they have to realize that the company did do exactly that. Yes, the main package is simply the same Super NES game repackaged for play on the Game Boy Advance, but in all honesty that's only half the package. And offering one of the greatest action adventures in portable form isn't exactly a downside, either.
Retro Gamer (Mar 02, 2006)
One of the SNES' greatest games not only gets lovingly ported to Nintendo's handheld; but also receives a brand new sub game courtesy of Capcom. (...) Miyamoto's masterful RPG is wonderfully crafted, features some cunningly designed dungeons and is filled with stand out moments. Then of course there's Capcom's fantastic The Four Swords, a precursor to its GameCube outing that enables you to link up with three other Links to solve a selection of cleverly designed dungeons that will both make and break friendships. Essential stuff!
Retro Archives (Oct 31, 2017)
Paru dans une version très proche de l’originale sur Super Nintendo, le portage sur Game Boy Advance d’A Link to the Past en a profité pour repasser un tout petit coup de peinture neuve afin de peaufiner très légèrement un titre qui côtoyait déjà la perfection. Les quelques rares modifications du jeu ne justifient clairement pas l’acquisition de cette version pour un possesseur de l’opus original, mais le joueur moderne hésitant entre les deux achats pourra se laisser tenter par les finitions de ce portage, la vitesse améliorée étant un véritable plus en terme de confort de jeu.
GamesCollection (Mar 02, 2009)
Probabilmente uno degli Zelda più riusciti di sempre e sicuramente il migliore in 2D, A Link to the Past è un must have per tutti gli appassionati di Zelda e di videogiochi fantasy in generale. Ciò che colpisce maggiormente in questo gioco è come possa fare a meno di una trama particolareggiata e allo stesso tempo raccontare la storia di Link con tanta intensità: la storia pare appena accennata, intuita quasi dal giocatore tramite i filmati, eppure già vediamo episodi commoventi come quello del suonatore d'ocarina, che sembra fare da preludio al successivo Ocarina of Time e agli Skull Kid. Tecnicamente perfetto, ricco di atmosfera sia visiva che sonora e molto longevo vista la quantità di segreti e potenziamenti da trovare, ALTTP è probabilmente uno dei migliori giochi della softeca GBA.
GameSpy (Dec 15, 2002)
Having said that, this is still the best Game Boy Advance title I've ever played. Like that washed-up wrestler Lex Luger, A Link to the Past is also "The Total Package." It will appease gamers looking for an engrossing single-player adventure and is unsurpassed as a handheld-multiplayer game. Although A Link to the Past is a gem in its own right, I'm mesmerized by how brightly Four Swords shines.
neXGam (2003)
Absoluter Pflichttitel, bei dem man durchaus behaupten kann das er das Genre revolutionierte. Holt es euch!
I have fond memories of this game back on the SNES. Keeping the Nintendo port streak alive, A Link to the Past is an extremely accurate representation of a quality title, and is a must-have for Game Boy Advance. This title is the definition of perfect pacing. The large map unfolds bit by bit, as you pick up various items and abilities to further exploration. The quest itself is lengthy and entertaining, with great dungeons and plenty of puzzles. The extras are even better, as you dig holes for rupees, bash into trees, and hurl chickens. It puts most paper-thin GBA games to shame.
GameSpot (Dec 09, 2002)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was one of the greatest games to be released for Nintendo's 16-bit SNES. The game brought the classic NES series up to the standards of the day, adding plenty of new gameplay elements while still maintaining the same basic feel of the original action adventure game. In keeping with the recent trend of bringing such classics to the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo has released a port of the game for its handheld system, bringing a fantastic version of A Link to the Past both to new players and those interested in playing through it one more time. Additionally, a new multiplayer game, called The Four Swords, has been added for link-game players.
Random Access (Feb 24, 2010)
So whether this game is worth purchasing is up for debate. For those who already have the SNES version, that's probably the one you should stick with, as it is of the higher quality on the big screen, and the changes are not major enough to suddenly jump on the remake for instant salvation. Younger players who did not experience the SNES version, or weren't even born at that time, would highly benefit from this faithful conversation of a delicious slice of gaming history. Plus it's portable, so it has that in its favour. It's worth the price even without the multiplayer addition, but this truly is a classic game that should be enjoyed in any way possible. So... get Linked!
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 29, 2003)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a classic no matter the platform. It’s not a perfect game but it’s bound to keep you happily playing for many hours.
Game Critics (Feb 19, 2003)
However, it is much more than that, being as worthy a narrative as many popular books out there can be. Even Joseph Campbell's concepts, of which I have only mentioned a very limited few, can demonstrate that this particular Legend Of Zelda originated from the same primordial pool as many classics or myths found throughout human history. The difference here is that A Link To The Past's pages aren't made of paper; they're made of silicone. The attention to details given for sights and characters aren't read, but seen through a screen; and the various emotions aren't described, but heard in the many different musical themes the game has to offer. Even after all these changes, one thing remains still: A Link To The Past invites players to embark upon an epic adventure they won't soon forget and that they will want to relive over and over again.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 22, 2005)
If it sounds dry, then that's essentially because we're boiling A Link to the Past down to its core components and this is unfair because the game is so much more. The bonus Four Swords game included on the cartridge may provide bursts of rousing multiplayer fun but it's the magnificence of the main singleplayer adventure, with its uniquely varied challenges, unexpected turns and delightfully balanced play, that utterly captivates while effectively rewriting the role-playing rulebook.
A single-player option in Four Swords would have been nice, but otherwise this is an utterly essential, flawlessly produced title.
Bordersdown (May, 2003)
It may be yet another re-release for the GBA, but this can not take away the game’s greatness. When recently Metropolis and 2001: A Space Odyssey were re-released at the cinema, no cries of “It’s just another re-release” could be heard, film goers were simply enthralled that they had another chance to see these great masterpieces. Gamers need to recognise that they too have a great history that should be celebrated, but to only see great examples in a museum would be criminal. Games like this should be played by everyone and if you have yet to sample the magic, you now have a second chance. Enjoy the ride, for it is nothing short of breathtaking.
90 (Sep 27, 2004)
If you loved A Link to the Past on SNES, then you'll love it even more on the GBA. With the inclusion of the side quests and the killer multiplayer aspect, you'll have enough game here to entertain you for quite a while. This game shouldn't be passed up, especially if you missed it on the SNES. Encourage all your friends to buy it as well so you can play The Four Swords joint adventure. This new type of multiplayer is worth the purchase of the game itself but the only down fall is trying to find another player (or three) that owns a copy of the game. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is terrific game that will take you through a trip down memory lane. Pick up this game, you'll be glad that you did.
Gamestyle (Aug 08, 2006)
Although A Link to the Past represents some of the most fabulous game designs you're ever likely to see, it also suffers from some criminally unforgiving sections that today's gamer-on-the-go is likely to scoff at. Not quite the vision of perfection that it once seemed to be; in fact Gamestyle even came across one or two bugged sections where progress was hindered and a restart was unavoidable. In the final analysis, however, such a well-designed, beautifully crafted game should be at the top of every adventurer's collection. The trouble is, for many of us, it was there years ago.
A Link to the Past comes highly recommended to those who missed out on the 1992 Super NES cartridge. While many owners are awaiting "true" sequels to classic games on their Game Boy Advance, along the lines of the excellent Metroid Fusion, A Link to the Past is nonetheless a must-have title that, if nothing else, represents the missing "link" of Nintendo classics destined to appear on the color handheld.
Gamezine (Apr 02, 2003)
Bon, pour finir, je crois qu'il est inutile de dire que ce jeu se doit de faire partie de votre ludothèque (si vous ne l'achetez pas, des swat vont arriver chez vous et vous menacer de vous faire écouter le dernier disque de Nolwenn pendant 10 heures d'affilées, je serais vous je coopérerais...), mais comme le jeu parfait n'existe pas, on va enlever deux points pour le nombre de cartouches qu'il faut pour jouer à Four Swords et quelques baisses de rythme dans l'aventure (rien de bien grave cependant), qui aime bien châtie bien, comme on dit...
GamersMark (Oct 02, 2004)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is probably one of the greatest games of all time, and this package is maybe one of the greatest GBA carts to be released to date. It really brings into the light why the Zelda series is held among the highest tiers of gaming. Pick it up and enjoy the hell out of it.
Insert Credit (Jan 27, 2003)
Truly the dramatic rise of the internet, religious fundamentalism, and the synergy between the two, which is the best and worst of anarchy, is an appropriate context for the latest incarnation of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords, if you have some imagination. In this sense, perhaps there has never been a better time than the present for this Link to the Past.
85 (Mar 26, 2003)
Une référence du jeu d'aventure à se procurer de toute urgence pour qui ne connaîtrait pas l'épisode original sur Super Nes. Les autres devront toutefois relativiser l'intérêt de cette cartouche s'ils ne pensent pas pouvoir profiter du mode quatre joueurs de Four Swords qui nécessite tout de même quatre exemplaires du jeu, même si les parties à deux ou trois sont évidemment possibles.
Pero eso sí, y como siempre decimos en estos casos, para la gente que no jugó en su día al juego original la cosa cambia por completo. Para esta gente la nota final de "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / Four Swords" supera holgadamente el 95 y se convierte en un imprescindible que bajo ninguna circunstancia deben dejar pasar, ya que se trata de uno de los mejores videojuegos de toda la historia. Y si además podéis jugar a FS, entonces es más imprescindible todavía.
Games TM (Jan, 2003)
On one hand, A Link To The Past is still a great game and those who haven't had the opportunity to play it to completion can do so on the move. On the other, anyone aside from Zelda fanatics and newcomers probably won't see this as a sound investment, despite the new features. As good as the game may be, it' still an old Super Nintendo title at heart and should be treated as such.
Game Critics (Sep 03, 2003)
If connectivity is an option, then Link to the Past offers up the best of both worlds, one being a dusty old tome that's still great fun to rediscover; the other being a new adventure that takes great advantage of the multi-user videogame experience. If it's not, Link To The Past quickly becomes just another SNES archive brought over to a fresh platform. Not that that's inherently bad, it's justthere.
Netjak (Feb 12, 2002)
In the end, this game is made for two groups. One group is those who, for some reason, do not have a copy of the original version. Whether you never bought it, you blasphemer, or lost it, and should perform Hari Kari to preserve your family’s honor, or watched as aliens decided to take it instead of probing you, you should take this opportunity to own it now. The others are those that don’t mind shelling out for a new, and excellent, four player game bundled with a decent facsimile of a video gaming classic. Maybe nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, but at least it’s still fun.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 24, 2003)
I was recently in a supermarket, deciding which of a selection of GBA games to buy. One in particular caught my eye. Called Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak, it told the story of a group of hamsters who had to resolve the heartbreak of a fellow rodent. Its quirky storyline and colourful graphics appealed to me, but then something dawned on me as I read through the blurb on the back of the box, "for ages 3+, the ability to read is needed to enjoy the whole game". Ah crap.