The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

The 3rd game in the series
Choose what you would like to do
Connect to a GameCube to unlock secrets
Choose your hero... this will determine your character's abilities as well as the images that appear from the movie
Part of the introduction if you choose Gandalf
Also, part of the introduction with Gandalf... this shows Legolas wanting to destroy Saruman.
Fighting the enemy as Gandalf... using his normal Sword/Staff combo
See what spells/skills you have. These are different depending on your character
The stats screen shows many stats for your character... be sure to come here often so you can increase stats when you level up
Look in your inventory to see what items you would like to equip
Use forges to create new items, buy new items, or sell items