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Great handheld racing game Roedie (5246) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
You can't help but love Mario Kart Kartanym (12738) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Retro fun but with a new twist. Sycada (191) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Red Koopa-Shells other GBA racers! Suzie Pendlebury (3) 3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (40 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Die hohen Erwartungen werden mehr als erfüllt. Mario Kart trägt seinen stolzen Namen völlig zu Recht. Von der kindlichen Aufmachung sollte sich niemand täuschen lassen, denn unter der knallbunten Oberfläche steckt ein ausgefeiltes Rennspiel mit unglaublicher Spieltiefe. Allen Freunden von Fun-Racern ist dieses Spiel wärmstens zu empfehlen und alteingesessene Mario Karter kommen um die Neuauflage sowieso nicht herum, im Gegenteil: Super Circuit ist definitiv ein Kaufgrund für den GBA!
Techniquement, Mario Kart Super Circuit est une véritable claque. Bien qu’en fausse 3D mode 7, le graphisme n’a rien à envier à la version N64, les couleurs sont chatoyantes et les décors bénéficient de nombreux détails. Non contente de maintenir un framerate impressionnant tout au long de la course, l’animation se paie le luxe d’enrichir les arrières plans à coups de scrollings différentiels. Comme bien souvent chez Nintendo, la maniabilité est irréprochable. En fait ; elle se rapproche davantage de Super Mario Kart que de Mario Kart 64. On regrettera cependant que l’astucieux système de dérapage du dernier n’ait pas été conservé. Par contre, on pestera contre l’inclusion des ses power-ups ultimes, comme les triples carapaces rouges ou vertes. De même, regrettable qu’un item aussi puissant que l’étoile puisse être obtenue en deuxième position lors d’une course. Tout ceci contribue certes au fun mais aussi au déséquilibre des confrontations.
The Video Game Critic (Dec 28, 2003)
It goes without saying that the gameplay is fast, exciting, and supremely fun. The controls haven't changed much, with the exception of a new "spin turn", which lets you quickly change direction. The one-player mode saves your progress as you conquer each circuit, but Super Circuit is best played by multiple players linking up. A battle mode is available, and you can even shared your "ghosts" with friends. If you want to race on your Game Boy Advance, this one is a no-brainer.
GamesFirst! (Sep 29, 2001)
This is a great game, and I haven’t even touched on the miracle of the super tight controls or beautiful menu design. Simply stated: Mario Kart Super Circuit is a big miracle in a small package. Some reviews are torture to write, but sometimes the words seem to flow straight from the mouth to the iridescent computer screen. Chalk up another minor miracle to the gaming gods. If you buy only one game for your Game Boy Advance, make it this one.
The Next Level (USA) (Sep 04, 2001)
Nintendo has done well to protect one of it's best franchises in it's trip over to the GBA. The playability of this game is one the main reasons why I like it so much. Forget that the graphics are nice or that the sounds are great. If a game, especially a racing game, isn't playable then it's just a wasted effort. Luckily, fans of the Mario Kart series won't have to worry about this. Thus far, Mario Kart: Super Circuit has got to the be the best game the Game Boy Advance currently available. I would seriously recommend that anyone with a penchant for kart racers pick this one up for sure.
UOL Jogos (Sep 10, 2001)
E se tudo isso não for suficiente para você... Mario Kart Super Circuit ainda tem um excelente brinde: todas as pistas do Mario Kart do SNES, com direito à música original. Se depender de jogos como esse, os cartuchos não estão com os dias contados como alguns sugerem.
GamePro (US) (Aug 27, 2001)
Overall, Super Circuit handles like a front-runner, but sometimes the windshield needs cleaning. The direct-light-dependent GBA screen can drive you nuts when you use body english around turns because glare makes the game temporarily disappear, which can destroy your run. The controls are tight, but nit-picky M. Kart vets may find the right-shoulder-plus-directional-button combo for powerslides a little finicky.
GameSpy (Sep, 2001)
As is typical of Nintendo's famous Mario games, the graphics are splendid, and very reminiscent of the original Mario Kart for the SNES. The sound effects are good and the music is track specific and very true to the game's spirit. It never grows obnoxious or tiresome.
Nintendojo (2001)
I’m currently trying to have a second system where I only buy games if I love them, and not fall for any hype. I picked up this game yesterday, and I’m completely glad I did. Plus, Target is selling them for a mere $25 brand new. Jesus, what a deal! So go pick it up now. And take a few friends along while you’re at it, you gotta try multi-player. Link cables are $10 a pop, too.
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 24, 2001)
No matter how you look at it, Mario Kart Advance is a fantastic addition to the series. Beginners along with Kart veterans will be very happy when they play this game. I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to import this game since it’s coming out in about a month, plus you never know if it will be compatible multi-pak wise. Chances are it won’t be. I’m a freakin’ Kart junkie, and I took one for the team, and forced myself to play this game for hours just for you! Overall, Nintendo seemingly took all of the good things from Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, sprinkled a touch of Diddy Kong Racing (coin challenges), and created a portable Kart-fest. The game does have some minor flaws, but overall Mario Kart Advance is not only the best Kart game on a handheld system, it’s one of the main reasons you should have a Game Boy Advance.
After playing so many craptacular knock-offs of Mario Kart (Super Bombad, South Park Rally, Smurf Racer, etc.), you'd think I would be sour to the kart racing genre as a whole. Nay, for I am not. Mario Kart Super Circuit may be the best and most entertaining entry in this hit-or-miss category yet. Everything about this game blows my mind, especially the fact that I was playing it on a system the size of a flat guinea pig.
Mario Kart Super Circuit is one of the best games on the GBA and certainly justifies the price of the console just to play it. It really is hard to come up with something that Nintendo could have improved upon. One of handheld gaming's greatest moments.
PGNx Media (Jun 07, 2002)
This game really brings back the magic of the original, and the amazing thing is you are playing it on the size of a candy bar. This game is the best for the GBA for its endless fun and brilliant gameplay.
IGN (Aug 29, 2001)
Mario Kart Super Circuit is a perfect example of how a little extra development time can do a Game Boy Advance title wonders -- the game made its first playable debut almost a year before this review, and it's obvious that the additional time in development worked to the game's and developer's advantage. This title is an awesome Game Boy Advance game that shows off everything the system's capable of, from the single and multiple cartridge, four player link, to the digitized audio, to the hardware's pseudo-3D capabilities. It's a GBA game with very few flaws -- it's a shame that it didn't quite make the system launch, but the extra wait did the game wonders, and it shouldn't be missed.
Técnicamente es superior a Super Mario Kart en todos los sentidos. Es bastante duradero, pero a veces puede resultar algo facilón y una vez completado se hace monótono a largo plazo. Lo mejor que podemos encontrar en este título es el multijugador, que nos mantiene pegados a nuestra GBA todo el tiempo.
Intelligent Systems ha vuelto a conseguir crear un título sobresaliente, tanto en jugabilidad, técnicamente para su momento estuvo francamente bien, y ofrece un juego imprescindible para todo poseedor del sistema. Pese a que no innove jugablemente, y se trate de una versión mejorada del mítico juego de Super Nintendo, se trata de un título superior, tanto gráficamente, jugablemente, por la mayor complejidad de los circuitos, con sus atajos, el uso del Power Slide y los nuevos ítems, sin revolucionar, Intelligent Systems ha conseguido crear una joya para Game Boy Advance.
Gaming Age (Sep 21, 2001)
It's the best kart racing game out there and although Krazy Racers is fun and features unique characters with different weapons, I feel that Mario Kart edges it out in the replay department and features more innovative track designs. This is the killer app for the GBA (at least when it comes to multiplayer gaming) and shouldn't be missed by anyone. Fans of the series and new players alike will eat this game up. The only things that I am slightly disappointed with are the battle arenas and the lack of new characters & weapons. I'd love it if Nintendo would feature some hidden characters and some new weapons to keep the game fresh. Even with those minor drawbacks, Mario Kart Super Circuit is by far my favorite GBA game and will probably eat up more batteries than any other game I've owned thus far. Definitely give this game a try. Whether you're looking for a great 1-player excursion or an awesome 4-player racing game, this is the one to buy.
Gaming Target (Dec 18, 2001)
Some of the game's extras involve using the Game Boy Advance's multi-link cable (which is sold separately at game retailers everywhere). With the cable, you will be able to go head to head against up to three friends when connecting three separate handhelds put together. In four-player mode, players are able to match up against each other in a race. If you don't have the extra handhelds to pass around, two players can duke it out in the Mario GP tournament; against the computer, you and a friend or family member will enter the tournament to find out who'll win the top brass. Of course, no Mario Kart game is complete without a battle mode; two players mop the floor with each other in a grueling battle of the fittest in any crazy arena.
Meristation (Sep 10, 2001)
No vamos a caer en ningún tópico. Mario Kart Super Circuit es de compra obligada. De los pocos juegos de GBA que, por sí solos, justifican la adquisición de la consola sin miedo a equivocarse por la elección. Sus tremendos gráficos a la altura de una jugabilidad antológica y una Banda Sonora de lujo así lo certifican.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 25, 2003)
Allt som allt så är Mario Kart: Super Circuit en helt igenom positiv upplevelse, och med utsikten att vinna guld i tre kubik-klasser, att uppnå triple A-rating i alla lopp och att kunna köra dina vänner sönder och samman i multiplayer kan jag bara säga, att du behöver det här spelet. Du behöver en Game Boy Advance och fler timmar på dygnet!
Okej, nu har jag i alla fall försökt. Fast det känns ändå som om jag missat mycket. Till exempel har jag inte berört spelkontrollen, som är lika fenomenal och skön som alltid. Jag har också glömt bort att tala om att banorna många gånger är så färggranna och ljusa att det inte spelar någon roll att Game Boy Advance saknar inbyggt ljus. Men förhppningsvis har budskapet ändå gått fram. Mario Kart: Super Circuit är just nu det spel jag spelar helst. Och jag har svårt att se hur jag skulle kunna tröttna.
90 (Aug 10, 2004)
Owning a GBA without Super Circuit is like kicking someone when they are down; you just shouldn't do it. This game delivers in every way possible. There are not many games with better graphics on the GBA. And what more could you ask for in the multiplayer department. Tell your friends to buy this game and get a link cable. Every kart racer that comes out from now will have to try to live up to the high standards set by Mario Kart Super Circuit. This game is at the top of kart racing and continues the Mario Kart lineage in style.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 21, 2005)
And it's that randomness which gives Mario Kart most of its appeal. Races tend to be quick and absurdly frantic affairs, with the action so close that it's impossible to determine a winner until everyone's crossed the finishing line. There is obviously scope for bettering your skills both as driver and combatant, and the sense of achievement from outplaying the competition is immense, but ultimately Super Circuit's greatest achievement has to be how immediately and universally the game's exceptional thrills can be enjoyed.
Nintendo has ''done it again.'' Not only have they delivered a near-perfect sequel/port of their classic trademark racing game, but they've brought it to the new handheld system. If you're looking for a combination of the handheld SNES classic (with improved graphics), plus a bunch of new elements, look no further! If you're a fan of Nintendo, Mario, racing games, or just good fun in general, this is perfect. Probably one of the best GBA games so far.
There's very little to fault here, and our only issues were ones of personal taste. Mike thought there were too many red-shells floating about in multiplayer races, while Lee thought the missing feather from the power-up roster was a shame. But we all agreed that while Mario Kart on GBA is close to perfect, its attraction has been dulled ever so slightly by the reams of other kart games out there. Hence no 10/10.
90 (UK) (Sep 27, 2001)
The fact of the matter is though, apart from some niggles, one of which is a hotly contested design flaw in the console and one of which is a carry over from the Super Nintendo version, this conversion of a five year old game is the best driving game on the GameBoy Advance to date, and I would take it over a lot of its big brother's competitors on the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast too. It has everything a single player, or indeed a foursome of like-minded console gamers, could ever dream of, and all with the added benefit of extensive replayability. With Super Mario Advance 2 still a way off, Mario Kart Super Circuit is the killer app for GameBoy Advance as of now. Buy it.
Cubed3 (Feb 02, 2003)
Some may try to tell you otherwise, but this is the definitive version of Mario Kart, and a perfect way to warm up your karting skills in the run-up to the GameCube’s forthcoming release. Thoroughly recommended.
Gamestyle (Jul 27, 2006)
Mario Kart Super Circuit has been treated with the love and respect that is missing from most videogames scattered across retail shelves today. Such qualities shine through and for those who have not played the SNES incarnation you afford to miss this. For the more experienced gamer, pick up a GBA and prepare to do battle once again!
Gamekult (Aug 02, 2001)
Pas de doute, Mario Kart n'a rien perdu de sa pêche ni de son fun. Ce jeu saura combler à peu près n'importe quelle personne qui prétend aimer un tant soit peu les jeux vidéo, car il regroupe absolument toutes les qualités requises pour devenir un très grand Hit au même titre que ses prédecesseurs. La réalisation technique est impeccable, le gameplay est instinctif, la durée de vie quant à elle est inépuisable grâce aux nombreux circuits et au mode multijoueurs convivial. Mario Kart Super Circuit est donc une réussite totale, tout simplement le meilleur jeu Game Boy Advance à ce jour, et le détrôner ne sera pas à la portée du premier venu...
90 (Sep 05, 2001)
Mario Kart est à l'heure actuelle l'un des meilleurs jeux GBA, si ce n'est le meilleur. Doté d'une excellente réalisation et d'une jouabilité à toutes épreuves, ce titre fait donc déjà parti des classiques de la console. Un must-have, comme on dit.
With a wealth of 8-bit and 16-bit remakes available at its launch, the Game Boy Advance looked to be in danger of becoming a dumping ground for classic favorites. But Mario Kart Super Circuit proves that an excellent older game can be the jumping off point for an even better one.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 18, 2003)
The game is better than most games around. It’s got a ton of options, and it easily is the best GBA Kart racer around. Hell, I would go as far as saying it’s the best GBA racer, period. I really can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like this game. The varied tracks, the fun multiplayer and the wide-variety of racers makes Mario Kart Super Circuit a true gem of a title to own on the Gameboy Advance.
While Mario Kart: Super Circuit isn't one of the greatest kart racing game ever made, it is still one of the best kart racing games on the GBA. Mario Kart: Super Circuit has one of the greatest multiplayer scores on the GBA to date. If you have friends with this game, expect a heck of a fun time. Don't have friends? Then I suggest that you get some or pass this game. Meet you at the finish line sucka (gets knocked out by a Koopa shell).
GameSpot (Aug 27, 2001)
Ultimately, Mario Kart Super Circuit does many things right and few things wrong. Whether you're an ardent fan of the Mario Kart series or a first-time player, Mario Kart Super Circuit is a must-have for owners of the Game Boy Advance.
Level (Dec, 2002)
Jocul este extrem de bine calibrat și foarte bogat în opțiuni. La capitolul gameplay, fun-ul se datoreazsă mai ales vitezelor amețitoare și fondului sonor. Dacă mai adăugăm și faptul că la acest nivel grafica este cât se poate de bună, avem în față un joculeț de recomandat.
80 (Sep 10, 2001)
Overall, there aren't many faults to be found with Mario Kart Super Circuit. It's one of the best looking Game Boy Advance titles around, making full use of the semi-3D modes from the SNES days, along with some great background music and sound clips to accompany the on-screen action and frantic gameplay to keep you playing for hours at a time. The only possible problems that arise would have to be with the controls, since the Game Boy Advance in incapable of bringing the same kind of precise analogue control that the N64 version had. However, this hardly tarnishes what has to be a must-have game for Nintendo's new console.
AceGamez (2001)
Mario Kart Super Circuit is a top racing title that lacks a bit of polish where originality and gameplay is concerned. The graphics and sound are well executed and the game, on the whole, is engaging and fun - while managing to complete the package with a very respectable lifespan. Super Circuit is by no means a perfect or ground breaking racer, but it's still damn good fun and worth a place in anyone's collection.
Flaws? Well, it could be conceived as too cute, I suppose, but that would be to miss the point. Similarly, the ease with which it's possible to complete the Mario GP could be a problem, but the ranking feature adds longevity, as does the sheer amount of fun to be had tearing around Bowser Castle. Basically, this is the Game Boy Advance's killer app. With big, bold graphics (that aren't affected overall that badly by the screen problems), spot on handling and tracks, and the same classic multiplayer, it's impossible not to recommend this as a must-have game for any GBA owner. And if you don't own a GBA…now IS the time.