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Mario Kart: Super Circuit Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Main menu
Character selection
Waiting for the race to start.
Driving in the grass is much slower than driving on the road.
Grab a box and get an item that you can use to slow down the other drivers.
The final results
Cup selection (with 4 tracks per cup). The extra tracks are unlocked by winning the regular cups twice and collecting 100 coins in your second attempt.
Collect golden coins during the race to increase the maximum speed of your kart.
Being squashed by a thwomp, a frequent hazard on the tracks with a Bowser Castle theme.
Get a speed boost at the starting line by hitting the gas just before Lakitu's final light is illuminated.
Drive into deep water and Lakitu will pull you out at the expense of a few coins.
Zippers also boost your speed; you'll need the extra speed to make this big jump.
How do you drive this thing?
First at finishing line
Beginning of Shy Guy Beach circuit
Hit a teepee at the Sunset Wilds track and a Shy Guy will jump on your back to slow you down.
Rating your performance after the completion of a cup. Your rank depends, among others, on the number of points scored and the number of coins you've collected.
Mario using the little invisible bridge as a shortcut at Boo Lake.
Powersliding around a corner for a speed boost at Ribbon Road.
Race leader Toad about to be hit by an unstoppable purple shell at Mario Circuit.
Using the mushroom for a boost of speed during a time trial race at Sky Garden.
Protected by the triple green shells at Cheese Land.
Swallowed by a piranha plant at the twisting Yoshi Desert track.
Donkey Kong using the star power-up (temporarily increases your speed and makes you invincible) on the tricky Broken Pier track.
Shrunk to a little Toad after someone used the lighting power-up at Cheep-Cheep Island.
Protecting my back with a banana by holding down the left shoulder button on the Bowser Castle 1 track.
Racing at the new Rainbow Road.
You can watch replays (ghost data) of ten of your best time trial attempts.