Mario vs. Donkey Kong Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
The intro video
Jumping on the button removes blocks of that colour
There is help in the form of these info screens
Use the key to get to the next level
The rubbish bins can be thrown at the monsters
Pick up the mini Mario to get to a bonus round
The end of level scores
The hammer weapon works exactly the same as it did in the original Donkey Kong
What's in the box is any ones guess
Use the bars to gather momentum to jump up
Spikes are very harmful
Quickly shimmy across before the spark gets to you
An evil pile of bricks
Doing a hand stand is the best way to avoid the falling bricks
Stopping the arrow on the right box gives you a 1 UP mushroom
A bonus level where you herd the mini Marios like Lemmings
The first encounter with Donkey Kong
Chucking bins at Donkey Kong is the only way to defeat him
Great you won
It not over yet you need to chase Donkey Kong to the next level
Climbing the bars in a similar style to Donkey Kong.Jr.
The plant monsters from previous Mario escapades
Protect your box
Beware of the stones
Fighting Donkey in his habitat
It's hot in here!
Pole Jump