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Masters of the Universe: He-Man - Power of Grayskull Game Boy Advance Title screen / Main menu.


ESRB Rating

Masters of the Universe: He-Man - Power of Grayskull Credits

64 people (39 developers, 25 thanks)

Developed by Taniko, LLC.

ProducerPatrick Charpenet
ProgrammersMarcus Goodey, John Jacecko
Art DirectionSilvio Porretta
Game DesignJohn Jacecko, Patrick Charpenet
Character AnimationCliff Duyn
Background ArtSilvio Porretta
Front EndTrent Kaniuga
2D ArtTrent Kaniuga
Additional Background ArtTrent Kaniuga


MusicAllister Brimble
SFXWill Davis
Sound DriverMichael Delaney

Published by TDK Mediactive, Inc.

Executive DirectorVincent J. Bitetti
Executive Producer in Charge of ProductionPeter Gould
Senior ProducerTim Goodlett
ProducerDavid Artuso
Associate ProducerJeremy Rosenthal
PD CoordinatorAdeline Petros
Quality Assurance DirectorDonn W. Nauert
Quality Assurance Lead TesterTod S. Hostetler
Quality Assurance Sr. TesterBrian Etheridge
Quality Assurance TeamTom Anderson, Dave T. M. Astremitzkov, Steve Canfield, Dustin Collins, Jason Kouhi, Shawn Mayer, Shannon Schwarz
PresidentShin Tanabe
COOShin Tanabe
CFOMartin Paravato
VP, International Business AffairsEugene Code
VP, Global MarketingStefan Serwe
VP, SalesMichael Devine
VP, OperationsLorena Billig
Brand DirectorSusan Fuller
Brand ManagerStephanie Ackerman

Licensed by Mattel Boys New Media

ProducerBrian Ulinger
Director of LicensingJeff Goodwin
Director of DevelopmentJeff Goodwin
Senior Vice PresidentAmy Smith-Boylan
Sr. Manager, MarketingDebbie Shlens
Associate Product ManagerLeslee Pitschke
Special ThanksGeoff Walker, Steve Labella, Jeremy Padawer, Ian Ritcher, Steven Liu, Andrea Hellot
Taniko wishes to thankKelly Charpenet, Douglas W. Cope, Moriba Duncan, James Hevener, Kathleen Jacecko, Darrah Jampo, Pam Jones, Jennifer Kelly, Frédéric Markus, Carina Perry, Rosario Perry, Carlos Rodriguez, Alec Scheetz, The Dale family, Alex Ventura, Atari, Godzuki, Bubba, Star

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (249240) and Evil Ryu (65800)