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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (US):

    The most intense arcade action-combat game comes to the Game Boy Advance

    Move out on foot or use your slug vehicles to find and destroy the enemy, solve strategic puzzles and rescue the hostages.

    • Five huge action packed missions plus additional hidden stages
    • Explore diverse areas and rugged terrain including: Subterranean dungeons, Mysterious ruins, Jungle Zones, Under sea lava zones, and a Secret Base on a solitary island
    • Take on additional assignments and discover hidden bonus missions
    • Keep track of all the Hostages you've rescued in the Hostage file

    Newly introduced, METAL SLUG E-cards. Collect over 100 different types of E-cards to enhance your abilities and to assist in the completion of your missions.

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jun 18, 2005. (English Version) - Game Boy Advance:
    The horizontal scrolling type shooting action game "METAL SLUG" which has been popular among arcade game players has appeared for GBA! Walter and Tyra, the Elite PF Squad candidate soldiers have first entered as player characters in this title. It boasts a lot of new funs, being made up of total 5 Missions inheriting familiar system such as usual routes, branch stages…etc.! There are 100 or more kinds of "METAL SLUG CARDs" newly appearing in missions or a dungeon, and the status of a character is changed with an acquired Card. Key for a high score is that how skillful missions are carried out with effective use of the Cards! Overcome many difficulties and aim at entering the Elite PF Squad!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65733) on Apr 28, 2005.
    Are you ready for a war? Ready or not, it's coming for you in Metal Slug Advance.


    • Six levels
    • Bonus missions
    • Collect more than 100 power-up cards
    • Save function

    The enemy took your allies hostage and imprisoned them in the dungeons, ruins and caverns of the land. Armed with your slug vehicles, grenades and firearms, you set out to free the hostages and destroy the enemy in this side-scrolling combat adventure.

    The eye-catching shooter series makes an explosive Game Boy Advance debut. You play as either Tyra or Walter, two new soldiers to the Metal Slug series. They must free the 100 hostages, blow up everything in sight and avoid getting blown up themselves.

    You start with the standard-issue pistol and grenades, but weapons upgrades appear regularly in the heat of battle. The bullets and bombs fly at a fast pace. Throw in a few pieces of enemy heavy artillery, and it won't take you long to realize that this is one challenging game. (And that's on the easy level.)

    Each stage has four levels. When you free a hostage, that hostage gives you a card. These cards, once you make it back to your Base Camp, give you increased power, life and weapons. The bad news is if you die in battle, the cards you accumulated disappear. You get to keep only the cards in your possession when you clear the stage. So here's a piece of advice on obtaining cards: Don't die.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12718) on Dec 04, 2004.