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Metal Slug Advance Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Select any slot to save your game and turn on the Auto Fire function in OPTION...
Choosing a soldier.
Disembarking of a ship, the troop is ready for the mission.
This is the main "Base Camp" menu, your survival kit during the game: save your progress, start a mission etc.
Mission map.
What an immense tank! But this is the 1st boss...
This vertical tank is "feeling" all Heavy Machine Gun's power, man!
3-missile aerial attack: the pilot has a worst target...
Tyra was damaged for an explosive enemy attack. Ugh...
Throwing some bombs to destroy the enemy forces.
Metal Slug (in the left) meets the big Formor.
Continue screen: back to camp or go ahead?
Some kamikaze warriors and an interfered helicopter are pestering the Metal Slug's "life".
This is the 1st of 2 tanks that you must smash to complete the Mission 2. Take care with some fire balls...
Natives massive slaughter!
Rescuing one of the 100 hostages existing in all the game: gotta free' em all!
Soldiers, many soldiers!
Kaladgolg is the name of this enormous tank: it's Mission 3's boss.
Your reward for a superb rescue: one card!
Destroy this big airplane (The Keesi III) to triumph in the 4th mission!
Aerial match against two amateur pilots.
It's shooting time... by parachute!
A little of caution to cross this guard formation is really needed? Exist a better way to solve this... ;-)
A hidden soldier coming from the sink
The final showdown against Allen Jr.
Cabracan, the final obstacle of the 5th (Final) Mission. Now, the difficulty reaches a new level!
Some soldiers try attack you, but your counter-attack is more powerful!
During war, not even the motorcycles escape of being used as artillery.
The kamikaze warriors are the same, but the environment is totally different!
Dungeon Mission exit. See you!
Some valuable cards are hard to find
All rescued POWs are listed here
Metal slug - classic vehicle.
South American wild Indians.
Metal Slug Vs Helicopter. Poor pilot.
I'm so tired...
Destroy BIG tank? No problem!
Hideout? I can destroy it. do you trow grenade? You bastard!
Ancient temple. I HATE bats!
Suicide queue
Even on the beach I can't rest.

Official Screenshots

  • Metal Slug Advance Screenshot
    SNK E3 2004 Press CD
  • Metal Slug Advance Screenshot
    SNK E3 2004 Press CD
  • Metal Slug Advance Screenshot
    SNK E3 2004 Press CD
  • Metal Slug Advance Screenshot
    SNK E3 2004 Press CD