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User Reviews

Samus' last adventure is certainly not a silent one x0n1c64 (14) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
One good try to make the METROID storyline progress... Justin Bailey (10) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Brilliant for Metroid newbies as well as long-time fans Rensch (216) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
This one turned a handheld-critic to a handheld-fan! Felix Knoke (166) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
A weird - but welcome - part of the Metroid series WWWWolf (452) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
A must have for any metroid lover Jester236 (39) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
Crumbling blocks steal the show Pagen HD (156) 2.2 Stars2.2 Stars2.2 Stars2.2 Stars2.2 Stars
The best Metroid game yet! Exodia85 (2155) unrated
There's some actual plot this time around! Idkbutlike2 (23) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (97 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Le Geek (Sep, 2004)
Be sure to find the secret passage ways between sectors before fighting the final boss if you want to fully power up your character. I didn't and had to go through the game twice, as the final boss is TOUGH. That I went through the game twice tells you how much I enjoyed Metroid Fusion.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 25, 2003)
Compared to the old Metroid games, you can do a lot more stuff. The audio is outstanding, with rich sound effects and quality music that feels appropriately menacing. Various missions take you through mazes of rooms, but an on-screen map makes it very easy to pinpoint you location as well as the next target. Special rooms allow you to retrieve mission updates, recharge, and save your game. It's an intense and difficult game, but never discouraging. Metroid Fusion is clearly a must-have title for Gameboy Advance owners.
AceGamez (2002)
If you're looking for the next Metroid, this is it right here. While Prime is amazing in its own right, Metroid Fusion is where it's at for the veterans of the series. This is the complete package - great graphics, dazzling audio and brilliant gameplay. It's a little short but certainly long enough for a portable game. Buy it. Play it. If you don't, you're missing out, take my word for it. It's been a very long, painful wait, but Fusion has turned out to be one of the best (if not the best) Game Boy Advance games out there.
GamesAreFun.com (GAF) (Apr 03, 2003)
There’s very little to complain about. Sometimes, when Samus fires too many missiles against a large boss that shrieks, the framerate can drop a tiny bit. Other than that, you’re not going to find much. The Mission-based structure is not a hindrance, regardless of what some nostalgically driven people might say. As realistic as wandering around for hours in the pit of an alien world might seem, it’s definitely not fun. Being able to roam around and take your time, without having to spend long periods looking for that one obscure bomb spot does a lot to make Metroid Fusion a more agreeable, accessible title. It not only continues the tradition of excellence imposed by its forerunners, it sets a new paradigm for all games. This is a game that can’t be missed.
GamesFirst! (Jan 12, 2003)
When I first decided I wanted to play Metroid Fusion I had a big problem: I didn’t have a Gameboy Advance. So I went out and bought one. It pays to be frivolous sometimes. I haven’t regretted it for a moment; this game alone is worth it. And now that I have finished Metroid Fusion I can sit down and go through the original Metroid that started the decades long love affair.
Snackbar-Games.com (Feb 06, 2006)
Overall, Metroid Fusion is a great addition to the Metroid series of games. Though it was a little short, the game is so enjoyable that most people don't have a problem playing through it again. Aside from the replay value, it's an extremely well polished game. I recommend it to anyone who owns a GBA.
Plain and simple, Metroid is the most kick-ass game of all time, and Fusion for Game Boy Advance delivers everything a fan of the series could want, and a whole heck of a lot more. Check this out.
UOL Jogos (Nov 19, 2002)
O único defeito sério de "Metroid Fusion" é o tamanho da aventura. Com as direções de Adam e o tamanho na base, é possível vencer o jogo em cerca de 5 horas (esse tempo não inclui as partes não-interativas de os continues, mas ainda assim é bem menor do que as 20 horas de "Super Metroid). Mas cada segundo certamente serve para lembrar que esse jogo tem tudo para ser um dos melhores jogos da Nintendo para o GBA.
Gaming Target (Feb 04, 2003)
Metroid Fusion is still Metroid, though its new 32-bit incarnation is easily the most unique Metroid to ever come out of Nintendo’s genius-factories, including even Retro Studio’s magnificently 3D Metroid Prime. It is quite ironic actually, though it looks, sounds, and even controls much like a refined Super Metroid, the overall changes made to the gameplay guarantee an experience that is both nostalgically rewarding and completely refreshing. Metroid Fusion retains that compelling classic quality, only redefining the experience as only a true sequel could.
For anyone that wants to play a great game that borrows from a great game from the past, this is the game to get. Metroid Fusion is simply a great game with great level design and a great story to back it up. For those that own both the GameCube and the Gameboy Advance, do yourself a favor and pick up both Metroid titles. Who knows when the next Metroid game will come, might as well have more games to replay much like I do with Super Metroid.
Mygamer.com (Aug 16, 2004)
Lets face it, the Metroid series is one of the best of all time, and Fusion delivers everything that fans want. The game's plot twists will blow your mind and will leave you wanting to go back and play the game again just to soak up every detail and attempt to find all the power-ups. Metroid Fusion is everything that you could want in a game. It surpasses all the previous Metroid games by bringing forth classic game play elements and showing off high-powered, fast paced action. This game lives up to the expectations that the 8-bit and 16-bit Metroids have brought, and exceeds them in everyway. You don't just play this game; you experience it. Not only is this game the best game on Game Boy Advance, it is one of the best games ever made.
GamersMark (May 22, 2003)
For ages I’ve been longing for a sequel to my precious Super Metroid, and after eight long years I finally received what I prayed for in Metroid Fusion. Fusion is easily one of the most spectacular games I’ve ever played in my gaming career. The game is pure genius from start to finish; an amazing adventure worthy of standing toe to toe with its predecessor on all levels. So little can be said to diminish the greatness of Metroid Fusion… Sure, the game may be short, it may be more linear when compared to other Metroids, but that has never stopped anyone from going back to any Metroid game over, and over, and over again to do every possible thing there is to do in the game. Kudos to Nintendo, Kudos to Intelligent System – You would have made Gunpei Yokoi a very proud man.
Netjak (Nov 29, 2002)
Overall, Metroid Fusion is one of the best Game Boy Advance games currently available, and definitely the best action game specifically designed for the GBA. While the length may leave you wanting more (the game can be completed in under five hours of game time, and significantly less than that once you know where all the secret passages are), this game is easily enough to scratch the Metroid itch for even the staunchest of Metroid purists. For only $30, Metroid Fusion is a definite bargain for any GBA owner, and a definite must-buy. Eight years is a long time for a sequel, but Metroid Fusion is well worth the wait.
PGNx Media (Jan 05, 2003)
Did you read the review? The message is clear. GET THIS GAME! There’s points that you can actually feel the game touch perfection.
Nintendojo (2002)
Metroid Fusion has emerged according to all our expectations, and therefore is, in its own right, a great game. Most all aspects have been improved upon, making Fusion a true representation of what the Game Boy Advance is all about. What’s more, you can use it to get the most out of your GameCube by connecting it to Prime and unlocking some hefty Easter Eggs. Fusion, while more difficult and slightly more brief than Super Metroid, stands as one of the few true must-haves for Nintendo's handheld. Certainly, if you've read this far, don't bother renting it: Purchase it outright. You won't regret it.
IGN (Nov 12, 2002)
On the GameCube, Retro Studios went all out for Samus' first 3D adventure. On the Game Boy Advance, Intelligent Systems went all out for Samus' latest 2D adventure. If you're a Metroid fan, this is a win/win situation for all. Metroid Fusion is a brilliant continuation of the 2D series, pulling most of the successful ideas from the previous adventures while adding new elements unique to this game's design.
Consoles Plus (Jan, 2003)
Aussi réussi graphiquement que la version Super Nintendo, Metroid Fusion est un franc succès. Samus n'a pas pris une ride. Une pure merveille.
This is a quite fun game that continues on an excellent tradition from previous games in the series. I highly recommend this to anyone who liked any of the earlier Metroids, or anyone else looking for a really good platform game. It is one of my favorite GBA games so far.
Play.tm (Apr 05, 2003)
All in all, a fantastic title. If you can forgive the linearity (after all, this is a GBA shooter/platformer) and the slight blips in difficulty, you'll be in for a real treat. You must own this game, after all, it's not very often Samus makes trips out these days.
Wer sich von dem hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad und den vermeintlichen Sackgassen nicht, abschrecken lässt bekommt mit Metroit Fusion ein für den GBA einzigartiges Spiel, das perfekt den Geist seiner Vorgänger einfängt - für Actionfans und voraussichtliche Besitzer der GCN-Version absolut unverzichtbar!
Une aventure originale et longue, un gameplay sans faille, des graphismes somptueux. Metroid Fusion est absolument incontournable sur GBA.
GamesCollection (Oct 24, 2008)
Metroid Fusion è l'ottimo seguito di Super Metroid per Super Nintendo: è l'episodio finale di una trilogia diventata quadrilogia che non fa rimpiangere gli episodi precedenti, tranna forse per una difficoltà parzialmente mitigata dai consigli del computer Adam. Tecnicamente si tratta di un vero gioiello del GBA, sia graficamente che sotto il profilo sonoro di versi alieni e musiche; la longevità è buona, grazie all'elevato tasso di rigiocabilità dato dalla ricerca della perfezione nel punteggio finale, che garantisce extra e illustrazioni anche grazie al collegamento con la controparte per GameCube.
GamerDad (Nov 07, 2005)
Fusion isn't perfect, but you'll find a great game here. Kudos to Nintendo for the return of the Metroid series – it's been a long eight years.
Nintendo Life (Aug 18, 2010)
Like Samus’s new suit, Metroid Fusion is utterly absorbing. It is a perfectly crafted handheld adventure that’ll grip you from start to finish, even if those two points aren’t necessarily far apart. It will leave you wanting more, but that’s no bad thing: some of the best things in life are just a little too short. Metroid Fusion easily captures the magic of the series and is a great example of polished 2D GBA adventuring, making it a must-have for any would-be bounty hunters out there.
Jag var redan på förhand ganska säker på att jag skulle älska Metroid Fusion. Men att Nintendo skulle leverera ett så här fängslande och storslaget äventyr till lilla Game Boy Advance var mer än vad jag hade vågat hoppas på. Enda felet är att det brde ha varit lite längre. Några timmars koncentrerat spelande är tyvärr allt som krävs för att rädda universum. Sedan är det baraatt börja om från början igen.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Nov 26, 2002)
On the whole then, this is my favourite 2D Metroid yet. I hesitate to say it's the best, because some will find its new "with friends" approach somewhat out of character, but even they will have a hard time denying it's fun, and if you've spent the best part of this review wondering what the heck I'm talking about, it's time for the learning to begin - get out there and buy yourself Metroid Fusion, it's the best platform adventure the GBA has.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 19, 2002)
In spite of a few big differences that arguably detract from what makes the series what it is, Metroid Fusion is incredibly fun and, more often than not, creepy and intense. Mechanically, it is very much in the spirit of Super Metroid, probably too much so. In terms of design, the environments are still fascinating and fun to explore, but the story-driven pacing doesn’t give many opportunities to just wander around on your own. If you’ve always wished Metroid games would give more direction and linearity, you’ll be delighted with Fusion all-around. If you’re more a traditional Metroid player and prefer to find things on your own, you’ll probably see Fusion as an interesting but brief side-story to the series. It’s worth buying either way; this is undoubtedly one of the best GBA games yet, and for anyone even remotely caught up in the Metroid mythos, Fusion is a bold and exciting new chapter into a hallowed Nintendo franchise.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 18, 2002)
Metroid Fusion is a wonderful GBA title, which retains everything that was good about the pinnacle SNES title, whilst adding a selection of great new features. Anyone who has enjoyed the Metroid series or is just after a good action title should pick this one up today.
Cubed3 (Mar 19, 2003)
A true triumph from Nintendo that does the series proud. With both the GBA and GC Metroid games being of the highest quality, it is safe to say that after a long break, Ms. Aran is back and she certainly has brought with her the goods. If you own a GBA you must own this game, it is simply that good.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 25, 2002)
A l'instar de Castlevania : Harmony of Dissonance, Metroid Fusion fait partie des indispensables de la GBA qu'il convient de posséder pour l'énorme plaisir de jeu qu'ils procurent. Cet épisode exclusif à la GBA permet de retrouver des sensations enfouies depuis les nombreuses heures de jeu passées sur le volet SNES. Une référence incontestée du jeu d'action 2D qui ne ravira pas seulement les nostalgiques.
Gamestyle (Oct, 2006)
Metroid Fusion is simply the best adventure game currently available on the Gameboy Advance. It's tough, but rewarding, plays extremely well and is not a simple port like so many other of Nintendo's releases before it.
Game Over Online (Apr 22, 2003)
Ultimately, it's that type of attention to design, detail and execution that makes Metroid Fusion such a fun title. Even when I became completely lost, I could always bring up the map, revisit the checkpoints to refresh my memory of the mission details and go towards the next objective. Never was there a moment where I was so frustrated I would turn off the Game Boy device and come back to it later. That's odd, considering fundamentally there's nothing new under the sun here. This is still a 2D platform title but one that has a premise and clever smarts in its storyline to make up for those technical deficiencies. Metroid Fusion does not do any disparagement to its bigger cousin, Metroid Prime, and all of its accolades. It is, indeed, deserving of accolades in its own right.
GamePro (US) (Nov 22, 2002)
Metroid Fusion is a magical throwback to gaming’s mystic past, a mighty reminder that good gameplay has nothing to do with bump-mapped textures or 87 hours of real-time cinematics. Even if 2D adventures like this (and similar-styled Castlevania games such as Harmony of Dissonance) no longer have a place on our televisions, they still have a place in our palms. Rediscover your love for the girl in the robot space suit she works wonders in any dimension.
GameSpy (Nov 20, 2002)
Metroid Fusion is a cunningly-crafted game that is worthy of its Metroid namesake. However, I couldn't help but feel a little unfulfilled while playing it. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that this is because it's so similar to Super Metroid. The map layout has changed, but the abilities Samus acquires are almost completely identical. There are a few incidental additions like ladder-climbing and ledge-hanging, but most everything else is the same. As a result, very little felt new; even the final enemy encounter is heavily inspired by the endgame of Super Metroid.
GameSpot (Nov 15, 2002)
Metroid Fusion looks superb, and anyone who fondly remembers Super Metroid's terrific visuals will be happy to find that their high quality is matched in this game. Samus herself animates with amazing fluidity and is extremely detailed--for example, you'll notice how her asymmetrical armor looks different depending on whether she's facing left or right. Many of the monsters she'll face also look great, especially the game's huge bosses.
This game is an essential part of any GBA gamer's library. If you've never played a Metroid game before, this is an excellent starting point. Veterans of the series will fall in love all over again. Highly recommended.
Kombo.com (Nov 15, 2003)
When it’s all said and done, Metroid Fusion is a great game. It may be short, and you may not play it all the time, but it’s definitely worth a spot in you collection, and a required purchase for all Metroid fans. If you are willing to keep an open mind about the new suit, and slight changes to the Metroid formula, you won’t be disappointed.
Nintendo Spin (Jul 07, 2005)
Super Metroid was one of my favorite Super Nintendo games, right beside Final Fantasy IV and Super Mario All-Stars. Super Metroid was enormous, engrossing, and… uh… something else that’s positive and starts with E. I don’t know. The point is, Metroid Fusion is very much like Super Metroid. It looks, sounds, and feels about the same, just on a lesser grand scale. If you like the classic Metroid style, there is no reason why you shouldn’t like Metroid Fusion. If you want a good 2D shooter/platformer, again, Metroid Fusion comes strongly recommended as a handheld title. While I am disappointed in this step back from Super Metroid’s brilliant groundwork, I am not disappointed in Metroid Fusion as its own game. Play it.
USgamer (Aug 30, 2017)
Your mileage may vary when it comes to this Super Metroid follow-up, but time has been kind to the game. Though it breaks from established Metroid design dogma, it does so in a meaningful way. The compromises Fusion inflicts on game mechanics underscore its narrative, and Samus's road to recovery simultaneously becomes a journey to reclaim the "proper" workings of a Metroid game. Although Yoshio Sakamoto would double down on Fusion's most frustrating elements for Other M, that doesn't damage Fusion's own integrity in the least. Uneven, but nevertheless excellent — and by far the single most challenging 2D Metroid game Nintendo has ever made.
Games TM (Jan, 2003)
There's no doubt Nintendo has managed to improve an already fantastic game. Metroid Fusion takes the best from each game in the series and combines it with an excellent story to create one of the best 2D examples of the Metroid saga yet. It's an absolute must for fans who know the series inside out, but still manages to be a whole tun of fun for anyone who doesn't even know what a Metroid is.
Game Critics (Dec 18, 2002)
The linearity of Metroid Fusion was definitely a disappointment, but not something to write it off for by any means. The game is certainly eager to please and comes with all the subtleties of craftsmanship that raise it well above mediocrity. In terms of simple gameplay mechanics, control, boss-battles and overall design effort, it is top notch. Metroid Fusion is able to stand on its own as a worthy sequel to the previous games in the series and is a solid addition to any GBA collection, thereby proving its legitimacy outside of the influence of Metroid Prime. Despite managing to avoid the most obvious traps of the younger sibling relationship, however, Metroid Fusion is still at heart a little sister, and always will be for one reason: it is simply nothing revolutionary. Perhaps certain things should best be left to big-sister Prime after all.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 22, 2005)
Exploration is at the centre of Fusion's unwavering appeal. Gaining a new skill results in genuine excitement as your brain works overtime to remember which parts of the sizeable map can now be investigated. Even weapon upgrades play a role in opening up new sections. New sections mean new enemies, new items and even more new sections. It's a cyclical formula that is employed throughout the entire game without ever losing its vast appeal. When bolstered by some first rate alien shooting and edgy set pieces, the result is tremendous. And like Samus, you'll want to return to it.
And like I said, that end comes far too soon. This is the franchise that many agree inspired Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, after all. One might reasonably expect an adventure twice as long as this one. But after playing through, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that a few differences here and there are fine. The two franchises are separate. What Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its successors had is a beautiful thing. Metroid Fusion is just a different type of beauty. If you've ever liked this type of game, you owe it to yourself to add this one to your collection. It's one of the best examples of why you bought the Game Boy Advance. With more titles like this one, the world would be a truly fine place to live.
And so the series that Yokoi and his team created back in 1986 continues and the memory of the great man lives on. The Gameboy may be Yokoi’s legacy, but the Metroid series remains his masterpiece.
Insert Credit (Nov 27, 2002)
And yet, aside from all of these complaints -- it's still Metroid. And it is enjoyable, for what it is. And again, there's a bunch of great stuff in here -- including some pretty daring experiments with what Metroid can be.
Gamezine (Nov 27, 2002)
En résumé, ça ne s'est peut-être pas vu dans le texte principal, mais Metroid Fusion est un bon investissement, une réserve toutefois : l'ambiance ne plaira peut-être pas à tout le monde, à ceux-là tant pis pour eux, ils passent à côté d'un excellent jeu ;-)
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 26, 2005)
Thankfully, Nintendo decided to revive the Metroid series after nearly ten years of neglect. All of the folks with a Gamecube can now sit back and enjoy Samus’ transition into three dimensions. However, fans of the 2D gaming style need not worry. Metroid Fusion serves as the bridge to both new and old fans of the series, with a decent effort in the end. This game had a lot to live up to, what with the quality of its predecessors. As far as gaming goes, Super Metroid was a tough act to follow. However, both the fans of Metroid and casual gamers can immerse themselves in this game with minimal effort. It may be nearly devoid of the exploration aspects that older fans appreciate, but it is still a game that all GBA owners can cherish.
GameCola.net (Mar, 2004)
What do you get when you take a superb game, wussify it with a hand-holding HAL wannabe, sissify the game engine, and put in a plot that blatantly copies Alien Resurrection? Metroid Fusion. I can't even BEGIN to list all of the things that make this game the crappiest Metroid game I have ever played. Oh wait, I can.

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