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Metroid Fusion Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Loading Menu
Jumping Around
Navigation Rooms: You'll be Seeing a Lot of These
Ball Ability
First boss-fight
An old familiar enemy
Samus must kill the creatures that are damaging the atmospheric stabilizers.
These enemies can only be damaged from behind.
The morph ball is still one of the most useful items.
An energy tank!
Another boss-fight
Samus' "evil clone" - better stay clear for now.
Samus has learned a few new moves. Don't fall into the electrified water!
Samus's stats and upgrades
Death animation
Spider-like boss
The "Nightmare"
Now that's a gun upgrade!
Sometimes brief cut-scenes trigger
The true face of X
Battle of epic proportions. Faithful to Metroid traditions.
New ability acquired
This shows up during the intro