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60 (Feb 24, 2002)
Midnight Club could have been a brilliant game, but spoiled by some fatal flaws.
Game Over Online (Jan 24, 2002)
PC developers have known that if you don't have competent AI, you can masquerade these faults with a good multiplayer, human-to-human, component. Sadly, this is missing from Midnight Club as well. Thus, there is no solid gameplay to back up what is, at the onset, a graphically engaging 2D engine, complete with special effects. Moreover, the realistic city is not unlike the original incarnation of Grand Theft Auto; a significant positive plus. Yet, its potentiality is wasted on mindless 'races' where the odds are increasingly and inhumanly stacked against the player, finally making the race to unlock forty-odd passwords for secret cars a race that will encourage you to make a pass on Midnight Club altogether.
Advance (2002)
Coole Idee eigentlich, doch leider ist die Umsetzung wirklich mies. Das Hauptproblem ist die fehlende Streckenführung. Über diverse Checkpoints musst du ans Ziel fahren, aber die einzige Orientierungshilfe (ein grüner Pfeil) reagiert etwas träge und unzuverlässig. Also orientierst du dich an deinem Gegner, was bedeutet, dass du erst ein paar Mal verlierst um den Streckenverlauf auswendig zu lernen. Die Grafik geht (von diversen Rucklern abgesehen) in Ordnung. der Sound nervt jedoch. Für ein, zwei Runden okay, doch schon nach kurzer Zeit höchst öde.
IGN (Nov 20, 2001)
Midnight Club could have been a good Game Boy Advance game, but this title is chock full of so many obviously annoying elements that it's amazing that the developers slipped them through anyway. Just a few plays through the game and anyone can come up with a list of items that could have made the GBA edition a much more enjoyable racing title.
35 (Sep 10, 2003)
J'ai beau chercher, je ne vois vraiment pas quoi dire de positif sur Midnight Club : Street Racing. La réalisation est bâclée, le gameplay peu convaincant et le plaisir de jeu inexistant. Évitez-le, vous seriez bien déçu.
The individual graphical elements of Midnight Club: Street Racing are impressive on their own, but when put together they blend together into a mélange of sameness. Cars animate smoothly and streets are flavored with lighting effects, but there's a real lack of variety in the appearances of both. The music is similarly mediocre, sounding a lot like what you'd expect from a Game Boy Color soundtrack. Finally, passwords are annoyingly used to save your progress, and they're handed out so infrequently that they provide yet another reason not to bother with this inferior effort.
Fast-paced overhead racers are tough to get right. The controls and graphics engine needs to be tuned to perfection in order for the game to work. Here, they obviously failed miserably. Winning a race relies more on luck than any actual skill. The GBA offers far better racing experiences than this.