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Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Midway Logo Screen
Title Screen
Choose your game from the arcade cabinet replicas
Defender - Scrolling along
Defender - The first enemy you come across
Defender - End of round score
Defender - These fire heat seekers at you
Defender - Your ship explodes into particles when damaged
Defender - Game Over
Robotron - Title Screen
Robotron - The guys in the red and yellow are the first enemies you come across
Robotron - The green chested robots are invincible and must be avoided
Robotron - Rescue the women for more score
Robotron - These aliens fires lasers at you
Robotron - Game Over
Joust - Title Screen
Joust - Begin your joust
Joust - Killing an enemy gives you a gem
Joust - When you lose a life you are teleported via the pads to a different part of the room
Joust - Game Over in comic olde English language
Sinistar - Title Screen
Sinistar - Avoid the asteroids
Sinistar - Shoot the red ships