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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Credits


CEOSherry McKenna
President/Creative DirectorLorne Lanning


Abe, Munch Mudokons, Big Bro Sligs, Sligs, InternsLorne Lanning
Vykker, MudokonsMichael Bross


PlannerToyoharu Moriyama
Lead ProgrammerMitsunori Takemoto
ProgrammersKĊichi Sakagami, Kouji Iida, Kazuaki Hanada, Yusuke Hata, Hiroyuki Otsuki, Tsuyoshi Yagi
DesignersTomoyuki Watanabe, Nobuki Satoh, KAIZOKU , Shinji Nishiyama, Kiyoi Shimura, Kinuko Nagasato
Special ThanksToshio Inomata, Yoshitomo Fujiwara, Toshihiro Hirosawa, Kojiro Kawase
Music ComposerTsutomu Fuzawa


Project ManagerWilliam Beaman
Creative ManagerSean Heffron
Technical DirectorPeter Andrew
Art DirectorJeff Smith
TranslatorTamami Oduor
Director, Project ManagementDuncan Scott Kershaw
Vice President - Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Quality Assurance Lead TesterMark Vance
Quality Assurance TestersShawn Murakami, Josh Smith, Matt Flier
1st Party SupervisorEvan Icenbice
1st Party TestersAdam Affrunti, Scott Ritchie, Joe Lerman
QA TechnicianMario Waibel
QA Database AdministratorJason Roberts
Director of Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
Senior Vice President - Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Director, Global MarketingAlison Quirion
Global Brand ManagerDavid Pava
Associate Product Marketing ManagerHeather Guzenda
Marketing CoordinatorDamian Garcia
Director of Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Senior Manager, Creative ServicesKathy Helgason
Associate Creative Services ManagerAndrea Waibel
Director of Public RelationsLiz Pieri
Associate Public Relations ManagerErik Reynolds
Packaging and Manual DesignJAM Advertising
Special ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Leslie Brown, Alison Locke, Brandy A. Carrillo, Germaine Gioia


ProducerRenee Metzler
Manager of Creative ServicesCathy Johnson
Marketing ManagerJenny Shaheen
Marketing AssistantKristin Inman
V.P. of Finance and LegalAva Arsaga
Legal AssistantAlexia Nielsen
Special ThanksMaurice Konkle, Andrew Bennett, Erik Yeo, Michael Bross


Business Development ManagerMelethia Campbell
Program ManagerJeff Holzhauer
Lead Product ManagerChuck Frizelle
Special ThanksSandy Ting, John Jordan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69260)