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Over the Hedge Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

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To get the company names and title, you run along like in a level.
New game or continue menu
Loading screen
Opening cinematic
You start the game with a conversation between Verne and RJ.
You can talk to the other characters, too.
The way to start chapter 1.
Select your difficulty.
The map screen
The game will give you instructions at first.
I found some candy.
If I get hurt, I can eat a fruit or veggie for health.
The level exit
Verne does a dance at the exit.
I plopped into my shell to keep from being discovered.
I can dash to defeat dogs.
I need this electric collar to enter the house.
In the house, I need to get past this girl to the next area.
In the kitchen, I can turn on the light to distract the adult so I can pass.
The chapter stats
I'm back.
I play chapter 2 as RJ.
I need to move logs instead of rocks.
These plants will hurt me.
RJ at the exit.
My pet opponents are cats. I can whack them with my golf club.
To get past humans, I read the paper to 'look human'.
Watch out for cars.
I meet Hammy at the exit.
While I (automatically) pull the wagon, Hammy will scare away the humans by acting rabid.
In chapter 3s map, you can have it redraw the plan.
I need to gather the food items while avoiding the kids.
Same thing, gather food, but avoid kids and adult.
A kid touched me so I lost all health. I can retry though.