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PaperBoy / Rampage Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

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Paperboy: select what difficulty level you want.
Paperboy: the map of the paying customers on the street.
Paperboy: even the drains are a hazard.
Paperboy: the go kart racer can pull out at any time causing a nasty obstacle.
Paperboy: hitting moving obstacles creates this profanity crowd.
Paperboy: these two guys are either fighting or dancing.
Paperboy: hitting one of the guys with a paper knocks him down.
Paperboy: entering the training course.
Paperboy: jumping over the river using a ramp.
Paperboy: a crowd awaits you at the end of your run.
Paperboy: you poor score is displayed on a newspaper.
Rampage: title screen
Rampage: select you monster.
Rampage: Lizzie the Lizard monster was mutated after falling in a radioactive lake.
Rampage: some buildings are electrified.
Rampage: the green canister gives you a lot of points.
Rampage: the people in yellow are innocent and need rescuing.
Rampage: watch out for the train it really does some damage.
Rampage: the tank is can knock you off a building with its missiles.
Rampage: when your health runs out you are turned back into human form.
Rampage: be careful not to fall in the pools.
Rampage: rescuing an innocent human.
Rampage: George was turned into an Ape monster by taking dodgy vitamins.
Rampage: George in action
Rampage: Ralph was turned into a Werewolf after eating contaminated sausages.
Rampage: Ralph in action